The End of the World is Coming!

  • What’s happening? Severed Heads will disband after performing in Chicago on September 21st 2019. The 2019 USA shows are the last in this band format.
  • What comes next? Stewart will continue to work in his own band Klaus. Tom will be starting a new label/group called Nilamox*.
  • What about the other band members? There are no other band members, the Internet falsely shows people that have long departed.
  • Why is this happening? It’s the 40th anniversary of the band’s foundation and time to close the loop. We’ve always sought new ideas and practice and have spent enough time (nearly a decade) paying respect to the past.
  • Will the old material still be available? Yes. Deep catalogue will be managed much as it is now – it is not abandoned. Sevcom will be structured as a museum.
  • Is this temporary? We have both professional and personal reasons why we cannot continue in our current format. This is a response to reality. Reality would have to change significantly (for example Hell freeze over).
USA Tour show dates

Last time to see!

Now for the details.

At the end of the 20th Century the band was ahead of the wave. Online with Fidonet since 1992, the web since 94, first with MP3s, downloads, CD-ROMs and all that. But by 98, our mainstream support went with the collapse of music labels. Despite DIY, the band was dead in the water by 2008. Our remnant audience was small and, in some ways, antagonistic to our future development. I had the opportunity to get a real paying academic position. This blog starts in that era, so you can read about it if you like. Severed Heads closed shop.

Soon after we were encouraged to perform the old songs for the Sydney Festival, and have since that time taken our ‘deep catalogue’ all around Australia, Europe and North America multiple times. We’ve enjoyed playing these shows. The music is good, the videos are good, the audience is a lovely audience (unlike the Beatles we don’t want to take you home). But on the occasion of our 40th birthday (the Ear Bitten album was recorded in late 1979) we would like to wrap it up.

You have every right to be sceptical – haven’t we been here before? Severed Heads has been dead for quite a long time now – even when resurrected for live shows and the occasional artefact. With a few exceptions the live shows have been old music – reheated in various clever ways, but still from the previous century. Stewart has his own band to work on. I’m really interested in music that wouldn’t do well on stage but might work as part of an installation or video piece. I’d like to keep making music and performing, but maybe not Dead Eyes Opened for the umpteenth time.

Our goal in these zombie years was to cross over to major festivals, galleries, high-end creative events. There’s been some excellent occasions – for example the performance and acetate cutting of Beautiful Arabic Surface, releasing the HH computer game on the ABC website for the Adelaide Festival – but not consistent enough to prove that objective will be met.  We may assemble the band temporarily only when a high-level or artistically significant event is available. That is, we’ll save it for cool gigs.

Aligned with that – we are getting older and can’t be lugging heavy cases up and down the planet much longer. We either get a bunch of roadies or downplay the travels.

And aligned with this – it’s the most stupid band name ever.

Comparing 2020 to the 1900’s I can’t see a place for our small technological group to advance. Community is Facebook. Music is Spotify. Video is YouTube. All these are lowest common denominator, infested by celebrity influencers and blowhards. Something For Everybody was never our place, and maybe it needs us to step outside and be nobody again.

Thank you!


18 thoughts on “The End of the World is Coming!

    • It is very difficult to find a word that has not been used and registered before. It has to be never used for a web site, a label, social media accounts etc. It was going to be Gilamox for a few months (Gila Monster + Amoxillin) but in the last moment that was found to be used as was Telemox (Television + Amoxillin) and we had to jump on something more vague. We have the accounts bought for this word.

      Back long ago, Sevcom was easier to grab. Time have changed!

      • I just did a whois lookup and and are both still available…

        OK, I’ll get me hat and coat…

        Flippancy aside, all the best with that plan. Yes, I’ve heard it before, but it is well and truly time.

  1. Well… it was great to see you and Mr S.L. perform (THANK YOU) when you came to Vancouver a couple years back. My nephew was so impressed. I was a little disappointed to not hear your more recent works (post 1994 material), but they’re yours, not mine, to present. The “most stupid band name in the world”? Hardly. I think it served to scare off the feeble music listeners out there. Y’know, the ones that “just want to hear something that I don’t have to listen to”. Do you think you could successfully make art to satisfy that view? Didn’t you briefly work in advertising? So you’ve come back to the hard reality of ageing, but with grace. At least I’ll know the name to look for in the future. Hell, if I hadn’t seen your own name involved, I would’ve passed over CO KLA COMA as just another amusingly named group. All the best to you, sir, and for a long, long time to come! I’ll be waiting in anticipation. ~~~ Steve Audile

  2. Well, I’ll just say that, as a fan since “Since the Accident”, I’m honored to get to see your last show. Very much looking forward to it! I’ll have to see if I can find my copy as it should still have the note you put in from when I ordered it all the way from whichever suburb of Sydney you were in. Cheers!

    • Cannot guarantee availability to sign things etc. We upset some people in Europe because we had to be at airports an hour after show etc. Just apologizing in advance if that happens.

  3. Even though I’m a long-term Clifford, I think this is a great plan. I (selfishly) want to see and hear your new stuff/ideas and look forward to whatever weirdness erupts from your cave.

    Dr. Watt:
    Oddbodd, what happened to your ear?

    Dr. Watt:
    Oh, never mind. Ear today, gone tomorrow!

  4. I’ll never forget talking to you on the phone has you were trying to get cogs to go around babyheads. Good times! Can’t wait to see y’all one last time. It’s been a good run! I also look forward to both of your musical outputs in the future! Cheers!

    • Actually, that is a fair comment. There are plenty more stupid band names out there. But in many cases, that’s the fun of them (ahem, People With Chairs Up Their Noses). Still, there is a lot of baggage associated with the old name (I had mentioned it work some time ago, and all someone could remember later on was me liking “that goth band”).

  5. I feel very honoured to have seen both the first and last shows you played in Glasgow (pity Edinburgh didn’t work out) and now I’ll see your last ever show as Severed Heads (far from a stupid name!).

    I was doubly honoured for you to have used my ‘vulva’ during your most recent shows! I hope it will be on display in Chicago, too?

    I’ll see you there!

  6. I’m slightly younger than the Xennials and I listened to Severed Heads only as simulacra, never as pure nostalgia. It’s time to bury the head with the body I guess.

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  8. Can’t really blame you. Couldn’t really blame you the last time. Didn’t really care what name you used as long as you kept doing music (and you did, gloriously). Glad I got to see Sevs live, shake your hand, prattle on a bit, etc.

    Hope you keep making music, and don’t really care what name it goes by as long as I can find it. Good luck and godspeed, it’s been a fun ride.

  9. Long Live The New Flesh!

    Nah seriously, good on ya. Time finally to stop flogging the still really quite excellent but dead horse and set yourself new goals of being way way ahead of the curve again 😉

    Looking forwards to it all.

  10. A bit of sadness from a fan to see the name being closed down. But, hey, 40 years, wow! Restaurants always open and close and open and close with different names, but one can always go there to satisfy our appetites. Thus, as long as you keep releasing material – old and new – for us to throw money at, I will be a happy man.
    Thank you!

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