3 thoughts on “Man Cave: Sampler Battles – HALion meets Kontakt

  1. But… layers are on top of one another, and zones are next to each other. That’s what I learned in Eastern European Balkan Dictatorships 101. In HALion 9000 it’s the other way ’round? That’s twice I don’t like Steinberg, now. Or three times.

    Also I’ve been window shopping. You can’t get a 100F for under a grand now. I almost got a Lemon Keyboard a year or so ago. Can’t find one now. And even if a piece of attractive hardware starts at a reasonable price, a crowd of Anoraks belly up and send it to the ceiling well before last call. What gives?

  2. Oh, also FL Studio has Flowstone which makes it everything everything else is plus being a DAW that runs in everything including your telephone, and uses VSTs so you aren’t locked into a brand. The latest version was just made extremely peppy. Morphine is seriously worth having

  3. You must consider writing for music gear magazines. This a lot more engaging to read than the shyte they do.

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