5 thoughts on “Man Cave: the MKS80 at long last.

  1. “I said about the System 8 that it replaces these kinds of machines, that still stands.”

    In B4 Roland jams a digit up us in terms of support. Some analogue is too arcane, but we been hurt before innit. The most I could spend on anything computer dependent is about Volca-Sample-Price.

    • So now Roland is trying a Roland Cloud subscription for all their virtual gear. I am not going that direction, but I know at least one guy is trying it out. Let’s see if that means they keep it rolling.

  2. Well congratulations upon finally becoming reacquainted. I still love that cranky old beast and use it far less than I should. But then again I use all my musical gear far less than I should (long and personal story that doesn’t belong here).

    And yes, failed autotuning and strangely absent notes has been part of my Super Jupiter experience too. But the sound gets me back. Mind you this is my only real analog bit of kit.

    • I was immediately reminded of the time in which I first had one, where this guy was like a tuba player. All around him, new and wonderfully complex sounds were coming about, myriad sparkles of sound, but this guy plays the tuba, and has no interest in going any further than that.

      Thing is, I have made a few Tuba Party albums :-/ and so the tuba guy is smirking at me again.

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