It’s been quiet…

… although surely you know by now, it’s quiet because it’s been so DAMN BUSY ROUND HERE.

There is a Canadian mini-tour coming up, a remnant of a much larger plan chopped up into digestible pieces. Tours such as this are under discussion for months and not a word can be said until the plane tickets are paid for. So we’ve know about it for a long time, kept quiet – and there are more things on their way.

In June we will visit Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton. Please come.







Another live date came very unexpectedly – Severed Heads have been added to a package of younger bands playing at the Sydney Opera House. It’s unexpected but a welcome boost, we just hope that we don’t have to have too much contact with Vivid, who have never been a good friend to us. Please come.

You’ll notice that often the links lead back to Facebook and I apologise for this. I’ve made a firm decision to avoid Facebook as much as possible, but I can’t break the rules for everyone. As much as time permits I’ll be posting here and not on The Great Abyss.

Meanwhile there’s work on new videos for the shows, and on 360º sound and video pieces, both for the band and long term business aspirations. The 360º has to be hosted by Facebook I’m afraid, as they are a major player in the whole VR business. Changed my mind. Facebook is wasting my time with free but messed up technology.

Personally I’m back teaching at university a bit but not getting involved in the management side of things which is just too painful if you have strong hopes and ideas about education. And the house now has two occupants – the Man Cave has become a bit more lady like. So I hope you can forgive the pauses in communication!

Yes I know, the Euro Tour story is late. I know.

3 thoughts on “It’s been quiet…

  1. I’ll be there at your Vancouver gig at the Rickshaw! I’ve been a fan since 1984 (Blubberknife was my introduction to Severed Heads). I sincerely hope that you will be bringing lots of merchandise to the show because I really need to get more Severed Heads CD’s 🙂 I have though about downloading from your site but downloads often get lost/forgotten in my rather large collection (over 27,00 songs).

  2. So! It’s just a little under a month that you will be winging your way back to the north. May I say, it’s about time! Saw you first @ UBC warming for Skinny Puppy, (the ex couldn’t understand why you weren’t the headline act, (her:”But the “Heads” music sounded so much better”). Then Toronto with MC 900ft Jesus. I found that show quite funny at one point as I stopped watching your performance and looked around at the audience and noted everyone, including the staff were bouncing up and down. Me? I’m a foot tapper-head bobber myself. I dug out my “Rotund” T-shirt… still fits! Ahh yes… when we were young and beautiful… I’m glad that things are picking up for you. The last 6 years have been tough on the both of us in similar and same ways. Helluva schedule you’ve got for your mini-tour here. I’m thinking you must be one of those lucky people who can sleep on flights. I told my nephew you were coming so he bought some tickets (he was very impressed with your Adelaide 2013 show video). I don’t live there anymore, but will be coming off the big island to see the show. And a performance at the thousand year old (not really) Rickshaw Theatre! Good sound at that venue. I hope the machines aren’t cranky after that long flight. Nevermind the next show in Montréal! Thanks for your time. We all wait patiently. By the way… since you said you beat people over the head that want you to sign their vinyl, what do you do when presented with a metal case or thumb drive? All the best, everyday, to you. You’ve not been forgotten… Steve.

  3. I must say I had to do a double take when I saw the poster shown above plastered in Zulu, a local Vancouver music shop. Severed Heads on tour? In Vancouver? Is it possible? And here I thought I screwed up royally when I missed your Seattle show a few years back. This is awesome! I hope you will have quite a few ‘Donut’ on hand during the tour. I would like to add that to my already large Severed Heads collection. See you June 13th @ Richshaw, Vancouver!

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