I am on Facebook.

Why are you on Facebook?

Because I am leaving my job where I have had a steady wage, to go back into the wilderness. I will need to be more approachable and take up opportunities or I will starve, and that means Facebook.

You said Severed Heads were never going to be on Facebook!

No, I said: “Neither myself or ‘Severed Heads’ are available on FACEBOOK. Do not read this blog. This blog is not the fault of my employer.” This will now change; you are allowed to read this bog. Also I will not have an employer. But “Severed Heads” more then likely will never be on Facebook because all the people involved have moved on (and are Facebook anyway).

What happens to this blog?

It stays the same. I am not moving to Facebook, I am simply putting my name in the ‘phone book’ so that people can find me. All my bullshit stays here. The Man Cave stays here and I might even get time to fix the rest of it,

Can’t they find you at tomellard.com?

Apparently not. I can’t risk that any more, because of the starving bit.

Does this mean that you have given up on independent web presence?

No, it means that I have another way to get people to come here. I don’t see Facebook as my staging. It’s simply a big phone directory and being there is like listing your business there. It’s like having a FidoNet address in 1992.

Why didn’t you do this before?

Because I had a different life path planned, on a tenure track. Most people that have contacted me recently have found me by my workplace. But that didn’t allow the creative activity I need to be happy, so I am changing everything.


6 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Yes I am going to be ripped apart but here goes.

    Can you get ComMerz or the rights to it and sell it as MP3 downloads on Band Camp? Yes I know it’s greatest hits but, I am just asking please forgive if possible, I don’t want to own CD’s anymore. I’m also anti Spotify although I know Volume 1 is on there.

    Also, and again forgive, does this mean you are not going to complete the PhD? Yes the answer may be obvious but (the but!) can you go back to it in the future or is that not going to be done now?

    • I am not going to complete the PhD. Or, actually I did complete a large part of it and then decided that it would be hypocritical to write about the inscrutable and then have it scrutinised. It’s complicated.

      I can’t start again for three years.

      I can make a ComMerz clone. I’ll look into doing that.

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