You are no doubt enjoying the quiet. Sorry this won’t take long.

I am arting quite a bit, exceedingly arting right now and this alongside the tedious administration at work, leaves not much time to run the newspaper. (I do tweet but it’s not very satisfying, like when you microwave something because there’s no time to cook a real meal.)

Anyway, what’s going on:


This is Mr. Paul Greedy who is seen tickling my tablet, connected to our (mostly his) nearly finished Clavilux. This fine mechanical contraption is about to go off to Campbelltown Art Centre to be part of an exhibition called Catching Light. Paul took care of the physical side and I took care of the spiritual in the form of software to paint the colours according to Theosophical thought forms.


Ralph Balson similar to the one that I did the video to the soundtrack to painting. Book rights still available.

Apparently the NOISE exhibit is going on the road, including my video of my soundtrack of a Balson painting. At least I have to get over to Penrith to make a speech about something arty. Actually I got a bunch of speeches coming up. Cask wine, I am ready for you.


My main worry is a commission to create an animation to accompany a live orchestra that’s banging out Holst’s The Planets in August. I was given Saturn although of course I went for Uranus. Saturn goes for about 9 minutes. That’s only 13,500 frames. Of course I am not panicked. After all, only 1000+ people worked on Fantasia.

I’ve decided to make something roughly like my The Ant Can See Legs video, except with the particle system forming an old man rather than a young woman. After all, that was  about 4 minutes, so it seems doable. Thing is we have a motion capture system at work and so I can probably get somebody to act out the role of Saturn for me, maybe even eating some children. Then it’s just computers. Lots of computers.


3 thoughts on “Arting

  1. Why are people trying to kill me? I do not care about how many cheerios they eat and yet they covet my cheerios!
    I have an interesting book on the saturn death cult. If I could I would send it to you. Accordingly Saturn was at some point the “sun”. The pity of humanity is that theory never includes a time machine to go along with it. Anyway, your video’s sooth me in ways most never could. Thank you Tom Ellard. Have a beer Tom. You deserve a few.

    • I know what Cheerios are. My American eats them. I have had a beer at the modular synthesiser show tonight. I liked the beer better than the modular synthesisers.

      • Possibly a modular synthesizer that is also a pony keg? Remember kids, don’t synth and drive? I did actually read the article. Please post the results of your video as it accompanies this music. I am sure you are going to, but I just want to remind you that you should.

        I promise that I won’t post here under the influence of vodka ever again.

        In my real life I rarely lie, but on the internet I do quite often. I wonder if I will get demerits in hell for this problem I have?

        Lastly, even though totally unrelated. I found this interesting:

        I am thinking of sampling parts of it.

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