How Now?

It’s Easter! According to plan the ABC will soon bump out the game and the snot video to make way for others, and rightly so. The Australian Screen and Sound Archive will then archive it all, as well as – which I find I little disturbing as it makes the same sound as a coffin lid being nailed shut. From the inside.

I don’t know how that will work, it’s not like which does a small snapshot – they will acquire the whole thing, as it stands, and are unlikely to revisit it. This might be for the best as it forces an end point. I do like to improve and tinker 🙁


Then Paul Greedy and myself are working on a new model of Clavilux. This device belongs to Thomas Wilfred, and full credit to him. There is however scope to build some new bits into it – we intend to keep everything that is better analogue and revise everything that is best done by computer. I am very aware that Wilfred was a Theosophist and the machine will follow the visual music as set out by his religious beliefs. The device will be on display as part of ISEA.

I’m personally amused the initial brief was for the ‘old artist’ (me) to guide the ‘young artist’ (Paul) in ye olde art techniques. As it is, Paul is much better at analogue design and I am more interested in the software. To the extent that I’m building a software version as well (or at least trying). It also (thank the gods) aligns with my much neglected doctorate.

Coming up soon an exhibition of music paintings – I have made a Ralph Balson as music, and a video to go with it. Can’t show you that until the show is run. If you are in Penrith then:


Visual artists love the word NOISE for some reason. I guess they fear the fighting that goes with MUSIC.

Maybe after these are done I can get a bit of a break. The day job is howling for attention.

But actually, well, I’ve been thinking about HH. You see, I’m not disappointed but I have to admit that the alternative worlds presented by that game were a bit too geometrical. A game built in 3D software has rigidity, it stands up and makes sense. You can render absurdity, but (at least I) can’t quite manage that in real time modelling. When trying to get HH made one theory was to use panoramic photography, and I think that is still the best way to create a more exotic realm, with music.

The music is attached to the photographs and so it’s not mobile or interactive unless I find a way to combine photography and 3D. That is the current research screwing around which I will henceforth call H3. Yep, another game. In the meantime an update on HH is underway.

2 thoughts on “How Now?

  1. Not sure what you mean by photography and 3d.. photography as in environmental backgrounds or as objects within the world itself? (You seem to allude to both, hence my tiny-brained confusion). Would be interested to hear more.

    From what little I did manage to see of HH before it was onlined by ABC, I’d sure be happy to see more of your work in a 3D/VR/whatever-the-kool-kids-call-it-these-days setting – the absurd world needs more absurd reflections of itself to play with online.. Teh intardnets need a good kicking again, and I’m sure the Pilots are beginning to hate it too! 😉

    • Full version HH can be downloaded from ABC. Hurry. What I mean is a more advanced version of QuickTime VR. It’s flat so you can paint what ever you like, but it surrounds you so you can navigate it. Like a video which is played on all the walls.

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