OpenGL Then and Now

From the forthcoming festival show: the video for Memorial Discotheque, created using real time OpenGL tools in 2002 and 2012. Surprising to say – mostly the same tool, still working a decade later.

This is a patch in Visual Jockey, with titles added in AFX. The aspect ratio is DV, so it looks squashed horizontally here.

The same section generated in Element 3D, a near real time plug in for AFX. All the 3D was done with this.

Perhaps surprising – most of this scene was done with the same Visual Jockey tool as in 2002. Only the globe is from Element 3D. The same old tool on a hideously more powerful machine.

Again, same patch as 2002. There’s some motion blur added in AFX. Visual Jockey still runs fine on Windows 7, and obviously loves the display cards of ‘the future’.

Some bonus shots from Fold, from around the same time.

Both in Cinema 4D. But the latter escapes the green wash of the Matrix!

One problem with having more realistic joints is the arms wouldn’t bend as far. Had to refine some of the moves to be possible.

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  1. Hey I just wanted to thank you for posting the Brainwashed interview. As an artist I definitely agree with the approach of making what I myself want to hear. Yes indeed, anyone else who likes it constitutes a delightful bonus.

    • Well if you don’t want to listen to it, who the hell does?

      Mind you, Brainwashed loves Nurse With Wound, and I reckon even the people that make that don’t want to actually listen to it OOOOOH ICEBURN!!!

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