Treasure Map 2: Snowglobe

Scenes from Treasure Map 2 from Tom Ellard on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Snowglobe site. Here you can download a 3D sound installation by Tom Ellard. Instruction and clues are included in the archive. It is currently at version 1.0


What’s the idea?

The simplest goal is to wander and listen to the sounds that exist on the island. There are natural sounds and those of man made devices like the aeolian tubes that dot the landscape. Sound is spatial - as you move your “head”, the sound will move around you. There are some specific areas with interesting effects, such as between the two windmills up on the mountain.


You’ll soon notice the markers that count out your position on the map. Keep an ear on the nearest marker to find your bearings. Important structures are often near one. They help you if you start to go blind!


You’ll come to areas where warnings and alarms will be repeated. If you explore these places your vision is gradually impaired. If you are fully blinded, you can still play - but only by ear. Good luck!



Soon you’ll discover that the island has been used to produce “milk”. Large “milk” tanks are everywhere, as are “milk” bottles. All the bottles are empty except for ten, which are full and glow red. Finding and drinking these ten bottles is the primary goal of the treasure hunt. Each time you drink a bottle, you hear music, you see colours, and you go a bit more blind.


There are special places that can heal you. These are circular structures that make a noise and look like a big ball of water - they will clean away bad effects of the milk so you can drink more!



Unfortunately other people have already been to the island and most of the healing circles are broken and worn out. One of these people was “Sam”, who used his time there to leave monuments to himself. Sam found a bunch of shovels and phones down on the wharf and made voice messages. These are helpful, although Sam didn’t end up taking his own advice. Like everyone else he drank the milk, went blind, and the princess came for him!


The Princess.

There have been three waves of visitors to the island, each with their own mode of civilization. Long ago, the first people built one of many underground ‘castles’ in the middle of the island. There they grew a ‘princess’ and used her to manufacture their needs. This is a complicated business, but let’s just say that it always ended badly. The castle was sealed up to keep the bad things inside.


Much later, the second people found a way to exploit the ruined castles. They’d lower pipes into them and refine something called “milk”, to fuel their machinery. These were technical people and their structures on the island are metallic. “Milk” is a very dirty fuel, which not only spoiled the environment, but the minds of the people that used it. This civilization collapsed as people became addicted. The island was abandoned with a hurried attempt to close it off, but people still came.


Much much later a third people tried to seal it off for good. They used large and heavy stone to build warning images and formations around the poisonous areas. They did not have the same technical skills as their forebears, but created working emulations of some of the older machinery. Despite all their efforts the ‘castle’ gave way and the ‘princess’ is now out and about.