I own synthesisers. Updated July 2019.


Ladies and Gentlemen, when one has progressed in years it is allowed to develop some vice for companionship. Not being particularly debauched, and having had experience with other people's drugs and difficult moods, I've chosen a harmless addiction to musical toys. But addiction is pointless unless you can inflict it on others, and I do that here.


Other people have far worse addictions than mine - I simultaneously scoff at the depths they have reached, while striving to catch up as soon as possible. I guarantee you that even if other people own more things I will be more entertaining about it.


Actually, as near everything here was bought with money made by selling music, I feel completely justified in having it, and as much more as I can possibly cram into the void of existence.


This site also provides a public service in that my opinion is always right and worth knowing. I'll make sure to mention other people who are also correct, and mock everyone else.


When you own lots of synthesisers, it's important to put them all in a room which filled with inspiring crap. I'll point out some of this crap for you. If you manage to become inspired, that's good too.


Newest Toy

It was either this or a red car and I think I chose wisely.