20X CS3 Professional

Marketing have announced a rebadge for 2013. They’re going to launch the year as 20X CS3 Professional. The problem is the whole ‘6 month in advance’ planning cycle has made next year part of this year, and no one is inspired to pay for the upgrade. It’s at the point where the end of the world is one of the few things that gets us to look at the calendar and even that is tiring out. Compare the hysteria for the Mayan Apocalypse to the Y2K bug – no contest.


This is dangerous. Remember the 2000 Election in the USA? No one gave a shit between the candidates, where in fact one of them rose to great challenges in less than a year with all the sense and dignity of Bubbles The Chimp. By 2008 the good news was that the White House had not yet burned to the ground. The bad news was that few people still had a house to burn down apart from the directors of Halliburton. Oh and there were lots of dead people.

So I’ve got a slogan for the coming year that will hopefully get you thinking hard about the possibilities: 20X CS3 Professional: Giant Demons Are Tearing My Face Off which I think is kind of catchy, if a tiny bit hyperbolic. I can’t promise giant demons but if there was the slightest chance of them coming and doing you know what, would you be prepared?

Here’s a nightmare scenario: by the end of 20X CS3, Psy has 6 billion views on YouTube and now more than half of Google’s income comes from advertising on that one page. But an automated copyright claim blocks the video, leading to Google not paying rent on 200 of its data centres. Searching for cat macros becomes catastrophically cut back leading to a collapse of the world economy. And then demons tear your face off.

Or on a more personal level, image if my Ferrari neighbour plays that same Bruce Springsteen DVD 3 times every weekend for the next 52 weekends and I finally crack and go around with the ICS-190 GLM grenade launcher (that I rightfully have only for self defence in case a gunman attacks my teaching labs) and shove it up his Born In The USA? That could impact on my employment. And then demons etc.


Order one now for the festive season. The kids will love it.
The ones that survive.

Neither of these things may happen – but that’s the point. You don’t know what might happen but that sense of dread will keep you up and sprightly all the coming year.

So how was your Christmas break? I had a (what remains of) family get together for the first time in years which ended up with too many tequila shots and a massive headache. I even got a gift!


Apparently you can use it as a remote control for the TV. I intend to use it as a remote control for the Ferrari neighbour’s sound system. Either that or make it control some piece of sound gear which will get a breathless write up in Create Digital Music.

But like everyone I have to buy my special own gift, and seeing as I haven’t bought a synthesiser in over 20 years I thought I maybe could have one.


It’s a MiniNova and it’s top-tastic. I’m amazed at what you get for less than 500 bucks these days. I’m not going to do the specs you can do that anywhere. But I must say it is loads of fun to actually use a physical piece of equipment after so many years – even if you do tend to use the computer to edit patches. More on this later!

Dead Calm

You’re in a ship and it’s slowly sinking. And you listen carefully to the burbling of the water, the creaking of the boards to figure out which part of the vessel will be the last to go under. But instead a strange tumult of sounds, none of which seem to add up to a clear escape.

Right now the restaurants are dying, or so the papers tell me. Places with French names or IndoSpanish chefs, of the sort that place one grain of rice on your plate and squeeze a drop of sauce flown in from Tuscany; these are becoming extinct. Can’t say I’ve eaten at such places too often, but for some reason the dread is there… first they came for the musicians… then they came for the chefs…

Like bees and frogs, two animals that won’t be here for your grandchildren, upmarket restaurants aren’t as cuddly as koalas but their demise is indicative of the general mood. As much as the newspapers, which are also dying.

Many shops are shuttered on the main drag near where I live. Dress shops mainly, but also cinemas, restaurants, newsagents – the music stores closed long ago. Probably some of them have migrated to the suburban malls. Not all of them. I keep being told that the change is evolutionary, that we are becoming more efficient. Efficiency will come when Apple, Amazon and their kind are the last ones standing. There’s only one life raft.

The organisers at the VIVID presentation kept talking about The Creative Industry. Something that you could do here better than China they kept insisting. Not being able to actually make anything. The Lord Mayor has set aside money for start ups around Sydney; in my own Surry Hills I’m surrounded by Lord Mayoral Seedlings, in the cheap real estate once sweat shops for the dead fashion industry.

You know that bit in Dead Calm where Sam Neill is working the bilge pump in the ghost ship, but the water just keeps on rising? Yeah, the Creative Industry.

Homoeopathic remedy that one – there’s a process that concentrates wealth with a few individuals, so what we’ll do is pay people to join in. Then maybe it will trickle down.

It’s better here than anywhere else. Boats keep arriving full of desperate people mixed with the few that sent their cash ahead of time. Our Prime Minster elect has vowed that he personally will don budgie smugglers, swim out and drag them all back to Indonesia. Boats are coming faster knowing that he’s crazy enough to do just that.

(There’s easier ways to climb on board if you’re cashed up enough, just study ‘The Creative Industry’ at Kunst Kamp for long enough and you get your visa. That’s my contribution to the whole dampness.)

The part I’m curious about is when everything has closed down to the extent that people can’t order anything from Amazon no matter how much the price is squeezed down. That is, what happens when you have a super efficient trawler and all the fish are gone. You’re fucked, just as much as all the smaller businesses that you wore down. What I’m interested in is at what point the conglomerates realise that is the final outcome and if and when they will start ‘fish farms’. That is, some kind of ‘trickle down’ or private dole system (depending on your religious convictions) so that there’s some customers still left. If I was running one of these cyber trawlers, I’d be starting NOW.

The creaking noise is coming from up ahead, just to the right.

Spontaneous declare joy of HuaWei Phone!

Greetings truethinking blog readers!

As a concerned Australian Citizen Blogger and NOT ASTROTURF I denounce the slur against the peaceful People’s Republic Of China and a true friend of Australian People! The wrongthinking and meddlesome intelligence services of the current regime are wrong to paint a portrait of the PRC as a threat to Australian security. The PRC are true lovers of peace and security throughout the Asia Pacific and without reasons to be snooping into the National Broadband Network through unyieldingly advanced and hard working HUAWEI cyber equipment! This confusion and ill temper is a sadness that will need correction through a popular and spontaneous change of the Australian government!

HUAWEI opens arms to those Australians that will help make clear this misunderstanding. They are grateful for the selfless joining of the HUAWEI board by previous Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, not for any hope of personal gift or profit but to right the wrongs of the Sinophobic Gillard regime. Chairman Downer affirms that any concerns that a foreign corporation would ever set up listening points in another country’s IT structure were ‘absurd’. Listen to this unbiased prominent person! He knows absurd!

Still a foreign minister, just a different country.

Paid trips by members of the current federal opposition to China to discuss the need for regime change are simply matters of good cheer and personal friendships between the Liberal Party and ex members of the People’s Liberation Army. Both are Liberals in their own way! It is only true thinking and resolute self examination that leads the Liberal Party to attack the exclusion of HUAWEI from this mutually worthy business deal and not to do with gifts of money and power at all.

I spontaneously protest against the unfair targeting of HUAWEI only because I am the proud owner of a HUAWEI telephone. It is simply not true that I bought this phone because it was the cheapest and nastiest unlocked phone I could get in a hurry! No it is because of the excellent features and range of great apps like ANGLY BIRD and PUMPKIN FIGHTS MONSTERS that win my ever growing applause. I am beyond delighted to find that I have supported a company that is associated with exactly the people I most admire in the world.

{tl;dr I bought a phone from a sleazy Chinese company that’s bribing the most horrible people in Australia to run a hate campaign to ensure that China gets listening posts in our IT infrastructure and that the Liberal Party get into power. I hate myself. I don’t know what to do with this phone.}

A special message from the State Department

Ladies and Gentlemen. At this very moment, people of conviction, those who stand up for what is right and strive for freedom and to bring down tyranny – these people risk torture at the hands of regimes whose hold on power is threatened by the light of public exposure.

Such a man is that little shit Bradley Manning, whose brains are going to be mush by the time I even think about unleashing a trial. Asshole made me look stupid, handing out all that intelligence so I had to work the phone for days trying to wipe the crap off my face. So who’s going to look stupid after 23 hours solitary confinement a day for 8 months? You and your Australian buddy are going down.

This seems appropriate. It meets our basic standards.

You fuck with me you fuck with royalty. By the time the drugs are finished with you’ll wish you were Chinese. You’ll wish you were slaving iPads. And when I get my hands on Asswipe he’ll be coming out a Florida gator’s butthole.

Anything you say. Anything you want. Please like me.

Y’all lieberal pussies. I’d heat up a big metal metal dildo and shove it up his ass. Right up his ass. He’d be spilling the truth about Obama Bin Laden and that Bigfoot.


The United States will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people.

Please let me have an American flag behind my head oh please please please I’ll sign anything.

OH GOD Thank You.



Try remember how to individuate.

For some time there have been things that have pissed me off, yet in denouncing these things I have often failed to translate my personal distrust into a coherent, communicable reason for such curmudgeonly thinking. Although you wouldn’t know it, I’ve been held back by the worry that I’m quite possibly just an old git and no better than the infinite number of stupid people online (there I did it again).

Tonight something twigged. It’s a wonderful moment, possibly like for a UFO believer if a flying saucer were to land in front of the UN building. Bear with me while I flick through some old ideas again – I hope to offer a shareable joy.

Google has released a little application builder for their Android mobile phones. It’s more BASIC than C++ and the ‘professionals’ are already deriding it as the source of more fart pianos. But, I thought to myself, at least people can make their own fart pianos, which is more than I can do on my iPhone. At which point the whole thing that pisses me off went klunk.

You see, I’ve been hanging around the community for GameSalad, which is a game authoring tool for the iPhone. This was the tool my students used in my Intro To Game Design class. The GS community has become a tedious place where all the talk is about how to get on the App Store, how to make money on the App Store, who is selling the most on the App Store blah blah blah – as if it’s a musicians’ forum where everybody talks about stocking shelves all day. The conversation has been defined from above by the way the entire iPhone ecosystem is set up.

(Stop press – latest addition to GameSalad – in-game advertising. OH right, of course – no arrays, no string parsing – let’s have ADVERTS first. Because it’s not about game design it’s about money. Not teaching this tool next year – their capitulation to Jobsism is complete.)

Instead the Google application builder lets the phone owner slap together something only they might want and without it having to be stocked. It’s a Do It Yourself process – something that has been missing for some time – something which was once a given feature of computing.

Not just the BASIC language of old computers but more recent tools like Bill Atkinson’s HyperCard on the 80’s Mac, or 90’s AmigaVision. These tools served one user as well as they served many. They were part of the personal computer revolution – a revolution that is now being dissolved in “clouds” and “spaces” – the smiley face return of mainframes. A centralised marketplace has (by constant reinforcement) become axiomatic in computing and that is what the rabid social science people call ‘a violence’. I kind of like that. ‘A violence’.

Aligned words from Dale Dogherty on the iPad:

… I am just pointing out the lack of really good tools available for amateurs and professionals to use to create new kinds of applications for the iPad. HyperCard was not only used by The Voyager Company; it was used by teachers to create coursework; or students to prepare a report; it was used by individuals to develop novelty applications like recipe databases…

… If the iPad is just another consumer platform for consuming and not creating content, then it will just be another way to watch TV …

Which is exactly what it is supposed to be.

Following the Android page leads to MIT’s Scratch project which I’d looked at before and decided wasn’t suitable for teaching game design. But another look, particularly reading this article (warning PDF) has led to clarity. As the MIT crew explain they are trying to inspire creative programming of the sort that’s been missing since the old home computer days, empowering people and reversing a tendency to passive social networking (“I have X friends, I have X cows”). Justifiably proud of their achievements they may have neglected some other people working on the same problem – e.g. Microsoft’s SmallBASIC which leads up to Visual Studio Express or HyperNext which is a free HyperCard replacement. And GameMaker which has just hit the Macintosh.

All of these initiatives are politically important. You can see what happens when in the case of GameSalad the whole dialogue becomes one of seeking approval from a gatekeeper. It’s like the old idea of ‘broadcast standards’ that kept control of television with the major networks. Of course the majors broadcast rubbish in the way the App Store stocks fart pianos – the idea of ‘broadcast standards’ is not about the worth of the programming but control of the programming. Or use the example of bands and record labels if that’s your concern. Recent malarkey with the terms of use in the App Store simply yanks the chain to cause anxiety, break dissent and remind the community of where the power lies.

But along with this self policing governmentality comes a smokescreen of limited and directed dialogue – where arguments are merely about brand allegiance and ‘fanbois’ line up to defend the people that exploit them. A more pathetic version of the way the lower middle class can be whipped up to vote for the controlling upper classes by controlled media.

wonderful great amazing

If you have previously bothered to read this blog you will recognise old themes I have tediously covered many time before. The change is that a coherent protest is starting to form – which therefore promotes a coherent response. And given I am responsible for teaching digital media it is my responsibility to go over this again and again trying to form the most helpful and liberating ideas.

Try to remember how to individuate, to rebel. There are infinite ways – that’s the key – there’s not the correct way. The person that uses FaceBook to coordinate their Friday nights with their real friends should lecture me, who looks at FaceBook like a poisonous snake. For my part I begin to understand why I instinctively took on the teaching of game design. The computer has become a projection, a kind of idol with which we’ve become intertwined. As more and more people have adopted a computer as identity (an avatar, a persona, a mediator) there’s been a push to make it an appliance and therefore an aid to what Foucault termed ‘technology of the self’. This constantly connected, linked to a mainframe, rights managed consuming device serves as a very poor role model – to individuate it to run unique, self serving, (even if badly written) applications is healthy for individuating our minds.

I can sum it up: D.I.Y.
Make software for the self and not the marketplace.

In the way that ‘indie’ was a term introduced to dis-empower independence and ‘alternative’ was adopted by the major labels to market rock, the use of ‘my’ and ‘i’ by the new major broadcasters is an obvious signal of the intention to remove the real ‘I’ and ‘My’ from our creative palette. The only way to regain these is to know the difference and exercise it.

To program, and perhaps to programme to entertain ourselves, not mediated by a marketplace, is effective (and fun) dissent.


A far reaching poll of both the publishers and editors of the Sydney Morning Herald has confirmed that which the paper has reported for some time: constant belligerent press coverage of the Labor prime minister has eroded his popularity.

Said one editor, “It’s hard to fathom how this mealy mouthed lying son of a bitch KRudd has lost his shine over the last few months. Just a short while ago he was extremely popular with the public, who were obviously deluded and needed to be re-educated on a daily basis.”

“As a mother of three beautiful girls I can’t wait for the Labor Party to be put in a gas chamber.”

Many of those that opposed the Emission Trading Scheme are disgusted that the bill was defeated twice in parliament. “We were resolutely opposed to this going ahead”, said one lobbyist on condition of anonymity. “So when the government decided to delay it rather than call an election we were appalled at getting exactly what we wanted. It just shows you can’t trust Bolshies”.

Also causing anger was the stimulus cheque sent out to help individuals make ends meet during the recent financial crisis. “I cannot believe the hide of that man, sending money to help us out”, fumed one citizen. “Just because Australia is in a far better position than most other countries in the world doesn’t mean this government is acting responsibly!”

Australia’s position as one of only three OECD countries to avoid recession last year has led to calls to bring back hanging and the stocks.

Much of the angst started with the failure of environment minister Peter Garrett to personally oversee all the subsidized home insulation provided last year. Tragically some houses burned when householders chose completely dodgy installation services. The opposition spokesperson for the environment said that a conservative government would come round to your house and put in the Pink Batts themselves.

Particularly grating to the public is the suggestion that multinational mining companies be taxed for ‘super’ profits during boom periods to help pay medical costs. “Hey, it’s my dream one day to become a multinational mining corporation, and this government is raining on my dream!”, fumed another citizen from the same source as the previous one.

So far the polls show the conservative opposition only slightly more popular than the government. The Sydney Morning Herald predicts that with constant opinion pieces the natural order of things will be restored, as conservative rule was cut ‘dreadfully short’ after only 12 years.


When asked for their views, the publishers at News Ltd. said they were currently “more interested in stringing up that commie nigger in the white house”.

Garbage, second bag.

Another hour of garbage. Because I can. Scatman v.s. Nigel Simpkins, Magilla Gorilla, ‘today I’m walking my turtle’, The Great Snatch, psychic predictions for 1961. Plus other shit.

As a small child I would like to voice my support for the forthcoming censorship of Australian internet access. Heavens knows I’m just wallowing every day in Furry Anal sites and having the government restrict my access is more sensible than my parents having to take any responsibility. The idea of committees that decide what I may see is reassuring, because all public servants are just, dedicated and careful.

In my experience governments have never ever expanded censorship to include other information that doesn’t suit their agenda. Never happens, especially when the Prime Minister is some kind of raging churchfucker. Oh I’m sorry, that comment is unsuitable for Australian citizens or small children.

I can also honestly say that reducing the speed of access by about a third can only improve our already world class Internet reputation. Well done New Labor!

You Got Mail!

If I ever mention politics again here just shoot me please. I was intrigued by a weird shit comic drawn by the Spiderman guy. I like the story line of Bioshock and I wanted to post a picture of a guy dressed up as a king. What I didn’t want was a bunch of mail about why the United States is the only true path to freedom and lets lynch some uppity darkies and commies yee haw. OK? Fuck You. Go get obese in a mall somewhere.

This is the kind of letter I want from now on:

“Dear Tom Ellard, here is $1000 in cash because I think you deserve it more than me, yours sincerely”. You can adjust that figure upwards although I will make do with smaller amounts because I am nice guy.

In other news Google has released a comic about their new open source replacement for Notepad! OMG the nerds are saying this Chromepad is 5000x faster than the Microsoft one and it has no menu bar which is super awesome etc. Seriously, hunting and pecking for letters is extreme and storing your shopping list in the cloud is the future of web. I had to install it to see what the fuss was about and sure enough it was great having advertisements plastered all over my notes, especially the animated Flash ones. But too much of a good thing! I uninstalled and it ASKED HILARIOUSLY NEVER HEARD THIS JOKE BEFORE ‘Is it something we said!’ LOL.

Now all I have to do is work out why there is something called Google Installer.exe in my system which I don’t have permission to delete. Is this part of the cloud? I am so excited to be part of the future of web, where the cloud puts things on my hard drive and won’t let me delete them. Google does no evil so this must be good not have control of my own system? Is it something I said?

(Note for patriots from the United States this is called irony, which is I don’t mean it for real.)

Working on my live set for Saturday. Last Saturday I was under the impression that I should do a sensible set but the audience seemed to like the stupid stuff the best. They thought that Ken Burns Effect was too serious. So I have animated a talking dog. Click for a small bit.

Animated talking dogs are hilarious in any culture! You can see why I am an anointed teacher of Digital Media because I can do this.


Left Wing

I write this to pretend to be balanced. But I have less questions for the so called ‘left wing’. It’s family and I know where the moles are. So I’ll use this space to question some of the bricks on which it is built – but they actually prop up all extremes of politics.

The people are invoked by every rat bag philosophy. Marx had a lot to say about the people, but so did Thoreau, Hitler and just about every applicant to rule a country anywhere. The people are always described as possessing some wisdom that come from walking barefoot on dirt – they are noble savages, you can only fool some of them some of the time. (The worst case is when white people talk about the native population of the place that they almost wiped out. Aboriginal Australians are for example psychic, can live off sand, stand on one leg for days at a time etc.) Having ridden public transport for some time I know from first hand experience that the people are one step up from the potato.

By the potato, for the potato.

That comes across as elitist. That’s because it is. I’ll say that, whereas your Marxist will hide behind a privileged standpoint – somebody on a factory floor cannot conceive of the revolution, but when advised by the Marxist, who sees the situation from the outside and yet is somehow magically inside with the worker, the revolution is inevitable. Very convenient to be on the outside, like Marx, sitting in the library while your maid Lenchen cleans your underpants. Beats being in the factory.

But Communism is an idea that I hope one day will actually be tried out. There’s been many places that have described themselves as communist but always ‘some animals are more equal than other animals‘. It’s probably not possible, there’s always a king, whether it’s Napoleon, Stalin or Kim Jong-Il. You may as well add Old King Cole and King Arthur to that list.

In Russia the king is ‘President’ or ‘Prime Minister’ depending on what year it is. In 2012 probably ‘Tzar’. (Mind you, Putin was inevitable given the abject greed and stupidity of the western advisers that buggered Yeltsin every night. The back slapping that went on when the USA outspent the USSR on military bullshit is having the inevitable reflux. Like the US paying for Bin Laden in Afghanistan – the hawks have seen their own policies rebounded tenfold.)

Thinking about hypocrisy – Marx and his maid and all that – how often it seems the left has a great idea and then abuses it – and the right has no frigging idea but a heap of moral indignation? Al Gore rails against pollution while polluting heavily himself, the opposing side decides therefore that the pollution does not exist. Score: nil all.

On the other side of things I read Bill Gates talking about how capitalism has been a wonderful thing for the world but it was time for corporations to do their bit for poverty and I wondered to whom he was talking. “Hello all tigers, now that my belly is full, I think it is time for us to stop eating meat.” When Shell Petroleum runs advertisements about their good world citizenship, or Halliburton harvests the spoils of warfare, seriously, how small the hypocrisy of the left seems.

Democracy is another hard one to pin down. I’d agree with Churchill that it’s the least worst system. Once it meant ‘what all the white farm owners agreed in a meeting’. Then they added ‘and their slaves/peasants divided by X’ so that the people farmers got more. After that, people who didn’t have farms, women, people who weren’t white, eventually leaving the pet vote as an issue. But where the white farmers could see each other in a room now it’s the people voting for candidates that might not even exist. Hell, have you actually met the people you vote for? The Lord Mayor of Sydney comes knocking on my door every now and then so I can vote for her knowing that she is the human as portrayed on electric pictures. But many politicians are no more real than Batman.

The vote goes to some confection of advertising copy and firm handshakes. Oh and the smiles, Christ, the smiles of politicians. I AM SMILING YOU CAN TRUST ME I AM NOT A SPACE LIZARD. I think that McCain is the guy out of The Dead Zone sometimes. Oftentimes.

Left Wing / Right Wing… long ago (before the Internet) I became a ordained priest in the SubGenius Church (remember them?) Upon sending my cash I was sent this picture. And really, it sums it up.

Response to Right Wing

I don’t have comments because they encourage stupid people to write. But I do like a considered response. They are always welcome.

Tim said:

“I also thought I’d remark a bit on your blog post on right wing thinking. I think the first issue is to separate American right wing thinking from what other nations consider right wing. In the states, the form of nationalism exhibited by other nations is not existent in the same form. To a right wing American, although they are proud to be part of the Federal Union that is America, they tend to want its head (Washington DC) to mind its own business. This is why it is somewhat difficult for other cultures to understand it. That can be seen from your view in this statement;

“Conservatism is often set in opposition to socialism which in some places is code for a moral failure. I find this strange, particularly in the United States which was formed by small mutually supportive communities based around a church. The ritual of ‘barn raising’ is illustrative. In the small rural community, the active men and women joined together regularly to build a barn structure (an essential for life) for one of their members. They did that knowing that next year it might be their turn to have the community assist them. In a country where many millions live, and work is not always physical, that process has streamlined into contributions of income. But it is at heart essentially the same. Next year it may be your barn.”

The problem isn’t that “conservatives” are all lone capitalist wolves, they still make good neighbors – concerned as anyone else about the community. What they don’t like is Washington DC eggheads coming in and telling them how to raise the barn and then later using that as justification to tax their labor. Income (labor) tax did not exist when this country came into existence and it did just fine without it up until certain politicians, ever impressed by Europe, the same Europe our ancestors chose to abandon, liked what Bismark was doing and thought they’d try it out here. Sure the rank and file accept it, but that is what is at the core of the two systems. Socialism wants to centralize and Conservative (americans only it seems) want to de-centralize. Since I have a Libertarian streak in me a mile wide, I tend to side with the right wingers on many issues. The point where I separate from them is their religious fantasies. I find it ridiculous that all of these guys are running around saying that secular freedom is not what the founding fathers had in mind when in reality it is EXACTLY what most of them had in mind. Now sure, back then there wasn’t as much of a threat to religious people as there is now in regards to secularism – but that’s just too bad isn’t it? If America is truly a “capitalist” state then it must allow these ideas to be fought out in the public arena. And because the general mill joe is usually retarded – they aren’t really losing so Goddamn much as to raise such a stink about it. I mean hell, there are more churches in this damn place than anywhere else on earth save the city of Rome.

The one thing that I find most interesting about the leftwing in this country is how they desperately “hate” everything that puts food in their mouths and a roof over their head. I suppose what it is really about is guilt. Let’s say the average person sees another person suffering from poverty. He can have several reactions. One would be to not give a shit at all. Another would be to be concerned but not moved to do anything. Still another would be to be concerned and then moved to action to assist that person on a personal level. I think the final reaction would be to be concerned and then start calling for someone else to do something about it. I think that the leftwing in America pretty much fills that final reaction. They all want something to change but they don’t want to do it themselves. If it can be done arbitrarily through taxes then so be it.  But I can promise you that “big business” that they all despise so much will never be affected by higher taxes. They can just move to another country more willing to help them meet their goals. I don’t think many socialists understand that balancing act. If you take naturally industrious people out of the equation who is going to be industrious? How would you reward them? Now they get rewarded by having more physical things. Another issue that many socialist seem to fail in is understanding human nature as it relates to leadership. If you centralize too much the people at the top of the political heap slowly start becoming the elite class. And they will reward themselves with physical treasures as well.

So I suppose that is a battle of a subjective nature, but that is the way it seems to work to me.”

I haven’t listed my questioning of ‘the left wing’ yet, I might talk about some of Tim’s points a bit there. What strikes me straight away is I live in a country where the population would like to get rid of states and just keep the federal system, where he lives in a place where it goes the other way. That’s a matter of population size I bet. I need to read more about the the New Deal, as I have a sketchy (probably romantic) notion of how that socialist experiment brought the USA out of economic ruin, then was shunned by all.

Economic theory certainly expresses a culture, doesn’t it? It’s not a science…