Wednesday Night is Garbage Night – Autodidact Edition

Fantasy 70’s Music school.

Never went to music school. Like many people I played the same records over and over and picked up hints about how to do stuff. Maybe I didn’t know what it was called but I knew it sounded good.

Here’s a bunch of records I cribbed when I was learning how to make music, and present here so you may too. That also satisfies the elderly listening audience, while presenting ideas for the younger. If you want newer music, please go here: Phantom Circuit.

They are not particularly rare or high art but each has much to teach. Occasionally they overlap because that’s kind of how I used to listen to them back then. Just playing all these old things explains much more about where I come from than a wall of text. Google it. (Actually DuckDuckGo it).

  • John Cale Heartbreak Hotel the barest sketch/analysis of the original, discord
  • Daniel Miller and Boyd Rice Cleanliness and Order found sound source. pop music deadness
  • This Heat Health and Efficiency deconstruction of recording process at end, manual looping with errors changing the loop, symphonic structure
  •      +John Cage Suite For Toy Piano 1 (excerpt)
  •      +Beatles Revolution Number 9 (excerpt)
  • Cluster Hollywood very pretty and sounds coherent although unstructured
  •      +Leslie Hutchinson Broken Hearted Clown
  • The Monkees Valeri 60s stereo production is very interesting, a great slab of sound, vocal harmonies, reverb
  • Wire The 15th guitars layered like classical instruments, EMI reverb HARVEST BAND tiny little keyboard melody almost unheard
  •      +Konstantin Raudive Breakthrough voices of the dead almost unheard
  • Pink Floyd See Emily Play psychedelia, intricacy, EMI echo HARVEST BAND
  • Orchid Spangiafora Hold Everything sound music, cut up, tape loops, spoken word
  •      +The Barrons Theme From Forbidden Planet
  • The Monochrome Set Eine Symphonie Des Grauens interesting quasi 60s production, lyrics
  • Brian Eno The Great Pretender production, especially the prepared piano & EMS-AKS crickets, 8 track recording
  • The Flying Lizards Hands 2 Take bassoon punk! dub technique, anti-guitar solos
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra Pure Jam tightness, neo psychedelia, analogue sequencer + real drums, seriously that guy is a drum machine
  • Suicide Dream Baby Dream minimal synth! lo fi, warmth, drones
  •      + The Lost Jockey Rise & Fall because these two fight each other nicely
  • Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator funkiness completely lost when remade later because they did not leave holes, electronic dub, less is more, HOLES
  •      +Subbulakshmi sitar drones FILLS HOLES
  • Dangerous Liaisons Los Ninos Del Porque grinding + holes, electronic punk, voices
  •      +Vincent Price The Broomstick Railroad widdershins
  • Holger Hiller Chemical & Physical Discoveries early sampling, was intriguing at the time
  • Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows tape loops, tape everything
  • Smegma Can’t Look Straight sound music, cut up
  • DEVO Satisfaction the barest sketch/analysis of the original, HOLES
  • Mark Stewart Blessed Are Those Who Struggle intense destructive dub
  • Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves heavy distortion as a musical device
  • Popol Vuh Aguirre Wrath Of God air
  •      +Throbbing Gristle IBM air
  • Wirlywhirld Window To The World 70’s keyboard rock, Australian post punk, pretty
  • Sparks Angus Desire it’s a song about screwing cows and sounds oddly buttery?
  • Snatch & Eno RAF looping found sounds funk
  • Status Quo Pictures of Matchstick Men psychedelia, tinnitus
  • Telex A.B. electropop
  • The Reels 3. electropop, early 80’s snare used like a kick
  • Simple Minds In Trance As Mission the negative of a bass riff, playing guitars like a cuckoo clock
  •      +Steve Reich It’s Gonna Rain strangely have a lot in common
  • General Strike Parts Of My Body tuba punk! dub

listen (This is a m3u file which can be associated with QuickTime PLayer, Windows Media Player or iTunes to stream the file.)

They all share some kind of internal principle, a process stated or unknown, a feature that can be recognized and practised. They are also attractive, there is no ‘difficult listening’ here. To make something that is both pretty and deep is far more interesting than noise.

Saturday night is garbage night.

Been asked to be a DJ at this event. I know nothing about it apart from what you read here. If you happen to be at this event by design or by accident, you will at one point hear me play music, which could be good, but might not be. I think I will go on early as I am an old codger.

Now, I have a question about Unity3D so I will browse…

A site for users of Unity to ask questions and get help from the community and employees.

There are 42870 questions. Showing most relevant.

I have all the bones and the magic shield and I’m at the bit where the gorilla is swinging on the chain knocking all cars the onto the boat. So I’m waiting for the umbrella sound, you know, that pffwwt! sound that an umbrella makes and I don’t hear it and I don’t know what I am supposed to do next?

Was that grey face that leaned over my crib sometimes when we were living in Perth, a kind of thin sad face, was that my real father?


Why wont kitty move??? (bump)



She must like me otherwise she wouldn’t have come to the party at all even though she hung around with her friend all night she kept looking at me like she was waiting for me to do something but if she should have come over and said something. Sorry that wasn’t a question.

Cheapest deal on cuttlefish. Got 15 birds, need quality cuttlefish. Sunshine Vic.


What does “Eliphalet Wickes” actually mean? I’m serious about this.



Does GUI.changed work with DrawDefaultInspector? If not is there an alternative solution? GUI.changed is always returning false.


Which season of Lost was it where the guy that was living in the tail part of the island who had the hut under a tree or something and he’d buried teeth, I think it was teeth and they turned into skeletons or maybe Im getting this confused with some other film I saw???

Would you agree that Frederick William I was not subject to predestination until such time as he became conversant of the tenet?


Why won’t kitty move?


WNIGN: The invention of RnB.

Many people consider RnB music to be an invention of African American origin. Nothing is further from the truth. RnB was invented by the Stylers, the most important band in popular music history. I provide here proof in the form of recorded music.

Hokkien Songs

You will note the interchange between deep male spoken voice and sweet female singing along the with the smooth melodic shifts that are the hallmark of RnB. Truly the Stylers are forgotten innovators.

And honest. Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you are buying from a record cover. I am not able to read the text but I can assure you that what you see on the cover is exactly what you get.


Part of the ‘only about 500 more cassettes to go’ series.

Wednesday Night Is Garbage Night: COKEKAN

Click for larger image.

It’s the 1970’s. It’s Indonesia – the party has started. A Javanese Chamber Music party. This is the hand dubbed cassette you buy after the performance. We did.


Hard to fathom, but COKEKAN had a CD out in Italy in 2008 (the link also has a far more sensible description of the group). That was conducted by ethno-musicologist Suppangah Rahayu – who is not mentioned at all on my cassette. I also can’t imagine it would be with the same gamelan man, although he could be 100+ and still tinkling the tubes. My theory is the boy held by the lady at the back has probably taken over the collective in the last thirty odd years and turned it into a well oiled machine.

My personal preference is for the first and final track, I know I’m shallow but I’m a sucker for a melody. Javanese music is the shrill end of Indonesia.

This is cassette 1 in the ‘what the hell are we going to do with all these’ series.

Friday is Dead God Day

I wish gods would get born or die more often because it means instant relaxation time. Jesus dies, Jesus gets born – day off work. Bring back the Greek gods and we would have much happier relaxed lives. Having said that, I realise it’s pagan, which suddenly makes me feel all wicca and emo. Dear God (pick one) haven’t we been busy inventing words over the last decade?

Well then here is an opportunity to talk garbage for a while. Dweeb garbage what’s more. You see I am having a Maddox moment – I am typing this on a machine running Vista SP1, and feeling like an ubermensch.

Surely this is not possible. After all, every week in The Register we read mail such as:

wankerI am the systems manager at large company and I tried installing Vista. It was impossible. Soap suds came spilling over the rim of the machine and every animal within exactly 4.5 metres died of radiation poisoning! Vista is sucks! It made my supercomputer slower than a C64! I am installing Ubuntu and making a joke with the word Micro$haft in it. With Ubuntu I know that my penis will be much longer. And so on.

Which leads me to suspect that systems managers aren’t what they used to be.

Actually that leads nicely into the whole topic of blog comments. Now you of course are a sensible intelligent individual, full of cooperative spirit and common sense wisdom. I suspect that you have sometimes thought of leaving a comment and then reading those that came before, decided not to besmirch yourself with their company. I’ve been trying to decide which site has the most retarded comments, but it’s quite a contest. YouTube of course is a leader in exclamation marks, but you’d expect that from anything youth, which is the euphemism these days for pig ignorant.

No, you need the extra offensiveness of people who think that they are very wise, while being… what are we allowed to call it… universe challenged. They need to be naked apart from a top hat. For a while I thought that Engadget was a winner – we can argue about preferred mobile phone forever. But I’ve been following the comments on The Register for a while and really feel that it offers up one of the lowest forms of human life: the opinionated, stupid, British computer expert.

You can predict this is going to fold into one of my pet hates – it does. I’m on about the comments whenever there is a story about pirating music or DRM.

wankerI never pay for any music and never will. All musicians are rich anyway. When labels try to protect themselves it’s an invasion of my civil rights. I downloaded all the albums by my favourite artist and made sure to upload them everywhere. That’s cause I am a fan! Artists should sell T Shirts at gigs and make their money that way. I spend 4 hours a day tagging my FLAC collection and then masturbate. And so on.

For God’s sake, is there no dignity in thieving any more? Come out and say – I am a thief. I dare you. You might even get laid.

Let’s find something useful to say now – in honour of these Robin Hoods I am placing a lot of my old albums up on, this will take time as their file management is a bit esoteric. I can’t supply those albums which are currently licensed – but there will still be quite a bit of listening. If you like an album, consider ordering a disc. There, I begged. Good musician, roll over, play dead.