WNIGN: Tripela Liklik Pik

Superintendent Mike Thomas tells the story of Tripela Liklik Pik on a flexidisc produced by the ABC in Port Moresby. The recording is from 1960, but my cover is slightly different to the version that the ABC had as a stream, it might be a second pressing.

It is of course The Three Little Pigs in New Guinea Pidgin – ‘three-fella smaller pig’. The wolf is a wail dok – ‘wild dog’.

No one in my family ever learned Pidgin but we picked up a few terms like kaikai that got thrown a bit around the haus. This particular language is now called Tok Pisin and covered here.

r184339_684388The art is by Jane Lodge.

The sound is here. So that you can read along here is the tale in English and Pidgin!

If you are very good I will next post the flexidisc of Liklik Retpela Hat. Otherwise I’ll post the flexidisc of Allegron For Your Pensioners. The choice is yours!