WNIGN: English Music

The English have distinct tastes. Sexually, “English” means a lot of whacking of bottoms. You can get your head dumped down a toilet as well if you pay the lady enough. Then there’s English cooking which involves wrapping the intestines of a smaller animal inside the intestines of a larger animal. That and turnips. Which is why England invaded India to get decent meals.

If it weren’t for Ireland they wouldn’t have chips and they took on Scotland for the pizza buttie. Hence the UK.

Anyway, one thing of which England is rightly proud is their music. So rather than drag out some more Mysterious East, let’s go back to the mother country for some of that fine English music culture.

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Trains In Trouble is a compilation of ‘steam engines in difficulties, with goods’. Thrill at the pulsing sounds as a v2 class ‘belching steam from the front end but making surprisingly good progress, heads past Usan Signal Box’. Or how about the V2 that has ‘considerable trouble getting a grip on drizzle dampened rails’, ‘driving wheels wildly slipping’ off up the 1 to 200 Stoke Summit. All the stories are told right here on the extensive cassette sleeve notes.

This is the ultimate in locomotive non-action. Engine failure and dismal English weather one on one. As if Harold Pinter rewrote Thomas The Tank Engine and then hanged himself.

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An Argo cassette of 1979 but with recordings ranging back to the 1950’s, it was produced by prominent recordist Peter Handford. Possibly neither will bother but are welcome to have it removed. Argo by the way was the part of Decca records that was usually associated with lutes. Renaissance music and locomotives – we seemed to have a bloody lot of it in the family home.

If you find this kind of thing vaguely erotic please go here.