Survey: Music Industry Perceptions 09

This study was conducted by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Exchange on behalf of PayPal, Rapidshare, Google and The Pirate Bay. All rights reserved. Pirate Bay et al. reserves the right to prosecute for unauthorised reproduction of the data hereunder.

I enjoy listening to music.
Agree Strongly 88% Agree 9% Disagree 1% Don’t Know 2%

Music is important, it improves my life.
Agree Strongly 80% Agree 10% Disagree 8% Don’t Know 2%

So I’m prepared to pay for music.
Agree Strongly 8% Agree 20% Disagree 80% Don’t Know 2%

No, I get my music from illegal downloads.
Agree Strongly 72% Agree 9% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 9%

All musicians are rich lazy arseholes anyway so they deserve nowt.
Agree Strongly 88% Agree 10% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 2%

Musicians enjoy their work, so they don’t need my money.
Agree Strongly 88% Agree 8% Disagree 4% Don’t Know 2%

In general, people who enjoy work should do it for free.
Agree Strongly 78% Agree 10% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 2%

Including myself.
Agree Strongly 0% Agree 0% Disagree 100% Don’t Know 0%

Musicians should live off T Shirts sales at gigs.
Agree Strongly 90% Agree 8% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 2%

Dentists should live off T Shirt sales at surgery.
Agree Strongly 2% Agree 10% Disagree 78% Don’t Know 0%

If a dentist was also a musician then I’d buy his T Shirt.
Agree Strongly 0% Agree 0% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 100%

It’s black with a bitchin’ evil winged tooth on it.
Agree Strongly 2% Agree 40% Disagree 40% Don’t Know 18%

All the money goes to rip-off record labels. I don’t want them to get my money.
Agree Strongly 87% Agree 4% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 9%

Whereas Rapidshare is a reputable business.
Agree Strongly 80% Agree 2% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 18%

Albums suck these days, there’s only 1-2 good tracks on them.
Why pay for that shit?

Agree Strongly 82% Agree 10% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 8%

I download the whole album anyway, might grow on me.
Agree Strongly 100% Agree 0% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 0%

Besides, I just got a huge hard drive for music and porn.
Agree Strongly 65% Agree 12% Disagree 13% Don’t Know 10%

Sharing is the future.
Agree Strongly 0% Agree 0% Disagree 78% Don’t Know 22%

(Let us rephrase that) Sharing other people’s stuff is the future.
Agree Strongly 90% Agree 10% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 0%

I secretly wish I was a musician.
Agree Strongly 0% Agree 0% Disagree 100% Don’t Know 0%

(The survey is completely anonymous. Trust us.)
Agree Strongly 50% Agree 30% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 20%

There was that person at school that really sucked but just because they became a musician they were really popular and they didn’t deserve it and I hate them. I hate them.
Agree Strongly 100% Agree 0% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 0%

I have a real job, I don’t just ponce around on a guitar all day, lah dee dah.
Agree Strongly 78% Agree 3% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 19%

I hate my job.
Agree Strongly 90% Agree 0% Disagree 0% Don’t Know 10%


A couple of people wondered what happened to the Showbag DVDs. Sorry, sometimes things stop dead waiting for a mysterious signal. It’s like a red light in the twilight zone. Once I performed the recent VJ sets, the green light went on and I finished the compilation. There’s been some technical problems as well. Anyway, THAT, thank God, is the end of THAT. The discs are on and much of it is on YouTube. Fare Thee Well! Bon Voyage!

The US dollar is rising up ever so slowly so I was able to make this 18 bucks for the two discs & postage. I am going to drop the prices of the CDs again soon, but postage remains the biggest cost.

It’s been a bad week for the twilight zone. It is KAMP lore that the KUNSTLERS start to come apart around this week when they realise that they have only one month left to deliver their long promised major KUNSTWERK. Some climb trees and disappear when they reach the top. Some start to speak in a special language known only to their identical twin. Others are able to form miraculous doctor’s certificates from their bodily orifices – strange documents where the words flicker and rearrange as you tilt them in the light. Some hand in envelopes where the contents evaporate overnight leaving only a pile of ash. Assignments appear in a sealed office, passing through walls.

When you take the roll, their faces seem different, faces that you thought you had seen all year are rearranged such that Ng is now Jones, whereas Jones was always really Wong. No wonder that John Foxx is now an academic.

I’ve been reading Mike Jones’s blog. Mike teaches at a rival KUNST KAMP, which is more about film studies than the melange I’m offering up (this week: talking dog!). I think I can sum up some of what he’s analysing (in 5 parts) via a much shorter quote from AC/DC: ‘Who Made Who?’ You start asking questions like that and you’ll quickly get to the point where you’re trying to place your feet on your head.

It’s my role here to be nasty, short and brutal.

I don’t think that there is anything important about universities for teaching media production. So doctors and lawyers go to university. That’s because doctoring and lawyering are basically just skills. You can’t say you don’t want to teach skills, then compare film making to doctoring. It’s not about equal job prestige. I begin to understand and agree with the people I work with, that an art college should not be run like a university, rather like a community.

I do not think you can teach art. Bottom line. You can only provide all the means to let that art out. Person has art in them, cannot decant it. You show them how to decant it. They run off with new found expression while giving you the finger. Academics are bloody tin openers.

My video learning was carrying UMatic recorders up and down stairs and having my red faced mentor yell at me for putting the wrong cable in the right place. More like being in video Iraq. I learned how to make print advertisements by being dropped without training into real production crises (‘there’s an error with the layout, you need to fix it in Quark, BTW the presses are on hold at $1000 an hour while you fix it’). I made TV music without any training, simply by playing a VHS and pounding along. Why do we keep agonising over what version software the little darlings might use?

I already made fun of industry standards, but let’s look at this one again. We worry that if we teach them Final Cut they will become Final Cutlets. If that’s the case then they were always going to be some kind of cow slice. The student who is ready to learn will see all skills as adding to their gamut.

So long as the argument is ‘how can we properly teach too many fee paying people’, it’s stupid. Don’t teach them. But if you are going to take people’s money, then teach them what they pay for. My lot want Final Cut, so bless them, they will get Cutlet for dinner every day.

…and while we are talking losers – No!

Children gather around – do you know why a PC is called a PC? It’s a Personal Computer. It means that once upon a time we used ‘dumb terminals’ connected to a server, and that’s where the applications were stored. You would ‘time share’ on the ‘mainframe’. We got rid of that shit. It was called the ‘personal computer revolution’. Children, do you hear them talking about ‘cloud computing’? Do you hear them say that some new revolution is coming, where we connect our machines to some mainframe at Google and do our work there? Do you say, but didn’t we get rid of that just 20 years ago, why are we going back to the old system again?

Because there are people that have decided they will make money by doing this, and they have convinced tools of the media that ‘old ways’ must go. And they want to dip into your private data.

But big, complicated operating systems such as Microsoft’s latest, Vista, aren’t necessary in the Web Age, where applications are delivered for free and on demand — often without users even being aware of it.

No, I do not want to write my documents on Google. No, I don’t want my health records kept by Google. No, I do not want them to have my CV, a photograph of my house, my shopping habits. I do not Google searching my photographs on my desktop or anywhere else. I do not see why my work should be sent on a round trip between the USA and my house, wasting time and resources.

I do not want any company having anything to do with me ‘without even being aware of it’.

And that’s the problem. As more and more of what Windows does moves up into the cloud-into Google’s always-on, give-’em-whatever-they-want-for-free servers-what becomes of the company that Gates built? The smartest move Gates could make right now is to get out of the way.

When a journalist uses a phrase like ‘moves up into the cloud’ to mean ‘data mined on a large corporation’s mainframe’, they should not be allowed to write on any matter of current technological culture. They are a tool, not only in their dull metallic clunk, but in their moronic enthusiasm to soft sell some matter of corporate warfare as a fluffy puppy shaped cloud.

He says ‘the Web Age’, completely mindless of how, like ‘the Space Age’, this kind of dog’s froth is the sad soiled remnant of some dead end fantasy, soon to be parodied. Try it yourself: say ‘A Space Age Product!’. Now say ‘A Web Age Product!’ and feel the mirth.

The smartest move this journalist could make right now is to get the fuck out of the way.