Plans for 2020

Thank you for visiting this website, particularly over the last months when the news has been patchy and infrequent. There’s been a lot of other things going on behind the scenes. Here’s what will be being happening in the coming year.

Severed Heads

Although we have ended Severed Heads, I will keep the material available on Bandcamp, Apple Music etc. None of the material is abandoned or freeware. I’ll have to remove some music to reduce the maintenance load. At the same time there’ll be more effort put into a simple coherent museum on for the band’s 40 year history.

We have been assembling parts for replacement copies of Aversion 2 AKA ‘the rat box’. We’ll start by sending out copies where replacement is needed, then follow up with a small number of remaining copies to new owners.

Front - OW


The plan is to have both and link to a single site, in which sevcom will be a historical section. I am happy to tell you that my 1990’s side project Co Kla Coma will have two albums though nilamox, a retrospective Co Kla Pedia and the long lost Co Kla Coma 96 which was buried in the early 2000’s by a dispute between the two USA members, which has moved into ‘no longer care’ mode. It is going to take a little time to unpack and mix the vintage 96-bit stems but it’ll well be worth it.

This will be followed by a new album by Ike Ear, details to come later.

The Man Cave

See a post following on this blog for details of my decision to stop collecting music hardware. It can be summarized quickly – the only thing that matters is the sound, and software is where the most interesting sounds are being made. The Man Cave was always sceptical about the hardware, and it needs to act on that. It will need extensive development to move deprecated articles to a historical area and add new reviews of software tools. It may need to be unavailable for a while. It’s back up.

Radias Animation

Game Design

See a following post for information about the ongoing game design project. This project has reached the stage of a design document, and there are many exciting elements that have now been pinned down and made ready for pre-visualisation.

Other life changes

Unexpectedly I am back teaching at UNSW in 2020. I left the university in 2016 to start up touring, at which time I thought I’d be out of work forever, but it seems some bridges don’t burn that well. Employment is hard to find at my age so it would silly for me not to take up the offer.

Unfortunately surgery to remove half of my thyroid has revealed that there was cancer, and we must go on to remove the entire gland to try ensure it doesn’t come back. If you have to have cancer, then the thyroid is a good place to have it, so I’m not worried, but I’m bloody cranky about it let me tell you.

12 thoughts on “Plans for 2020

  1. Thanks for the update, Tom.. I would be cranky too! Happy New Year! Wishing you good health and success with your new endeavors in 2020 and onward.

  2. Well, I have to say the Co Kla Coma things sound just wonderful – we’re (and I’m using the Royal Wee) firm fans of the previous Albums – they never fail to raise a smile and our mood – so old/newbies will be welcomed. I’ll have to swallow my pride and get another Pay”Pal” account.

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery about the Thyroidal C word. And the teaching 😉

    Wünsch ich dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue jahr!

  3. Best of luck with the thyroid cancer follow up. In my case they had to take the whole thing plus a bunch of lymph nodes. But it’s been a very easy ride, I131 ablation therapy included. Apart from a little (easily managed) hypoparathyroidism I’ve had no post-op pain or complications, and now I have an excellent scar. And six months post diagnosis all indications are that it’s all gone and won’t bother me again. As a cancer patient I got gold-plated service in the public hospital system too (though my comfort was enhanced by friends bringing me take-away from King St to my room at Chris O’Brien).

  4. “It can be summarized quickly – the only thing that matters is the sound” …
    What’s that smell, more burning bridges?
    The “sound” is simply NOT the only thing that matters, when you are the creator. The ergo-psycho-neuro-aesthetic interactions of the human body and the “instrument” matter a great deal! (As an old fart, this has been brought into sharp focus for me by my recent attempts learning to play an ancient thing called a recorder).
    Of course you know this, but brevity perhaps dictated a snappy one-liner. What prompts my comment is that despite age and enfeeblement, I find myself getting much more inspiring results from scrambling around plugging together bits of old hardware in my studio, (rather than nuancing some pretty virtual sliders on a screen with a mouse) AND having that hardware within reach while I play/playback/tweak.

    • That is certainly good for you. But art requires a transaction between maker and viewer/listener. It goes out into the world, is heard and hopefully loved – does it really matter how that shiver up the spine is produced? It could be that shivers are better made on tactile surfaces but I am not fully convinced that the ear cares very much.

      • The artist’s own taste is his enemy. Happy (hardware) accidents help to subvert that influence. Of course, if you can arrange for this to happen in the box, fabulous. It may just require a different kind of preparation that I don’t understand or have the patience for.

  5. Sorry to hear of your medical woes Tom. Maybe Medical Records jinxed you? LOL
    But really excited that you’re bringing back Co Kla Coma stuff! Happy New Year to you mate, and looking forward to your good health and good goodies in the new decade!

  6. Get well muh caucasoid.
    Plugins make it fast. Nice to have piece or three for special sauce and inspiration. But man, those bf sales…I’m saturating my saturators.

  7. I’m very sorry to hear about your thyroid surgery Tom, and I hope everything goes well with recovery. I’ve suffered from hypothyroidism for around thirty years now, and it sucks a lot of energy out of me. Glad to see that Co Kla Coma will get some attention this year, I’m really fond of those albums so look forward to hear more. Best wishes to you and Tara!

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