8 thoughts on “Man Cave : The MCP Live when used by people who don’t play bongos

  1. I want one but it’s just outside my price range. Then again my OP-1 just went up in value so maybe…
    Don’t you turn off all notification sounds ferchrissakes? 😉
    By the way I love all these Man Cave entries – I know you regularly defer to Jexus but I think your words come from a more cynical and grounded place.

    • “Notifications” is shorthand for all kinds of computer assholery, such as installing upgrades in the background and new drivers that don’t work and Microsoft Game Bar and and and…
      Price range yes I understand but my biggest mistake has been to buy things that do half what I wanted, only to have to buy the other half later.

  2. Thank for the info and insights Tom. I admit I am surprised but you’re difficult to keep up with too! All your reviews are always very dense with good info. Offline hardware – I get it. New kids don’t remember a Commodore.

  3. You know, if you put two PLG150-AN cards in a CS6R you get a 2U rack unit which is both a miniMotif and an advanced AN1X, for less than the price of both if you are lucky? If I hum a few bars, can you fake it?

  4. Great read. I’ve had one since day one, like some aspects (love the sample editing) but find it unbelievably frustrating – mainly on account of the fact that all attached keybards/midi control devices (whether using the 5 pin or USB inputs on the back – of which there are multiple) get routed to whatever track you have up on screen at that moment. So in other words, it is not multitimbral on inputs. You can’t say, trigger samples using the pads on one program, whilst using a midi keyboard to play a pad sound with your other. It means you can’t have a bandmate playing one thing on it, whilst you play another – unless you are both playing the same program. It is ineffective as a midi hub, and despite this being by far the most requested update, Akai don’t seem to be doing anything about it. It’s crippling, but the 90% of folk who have it on their lap knocking up a beat, standalone, are happy and can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

  5. Also thanks for remembering Maynard G. Krebbs. There was a brief moment between the reactionary ’50s and the radical ’60s when the world almost sort of made sense, and Maynard might have been the poster child, if it had actually come to fruition. But, along came the Vogons and elected Trump President. The rest is hysterical.

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