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  1. Now I’ve had time to listen to them a few times, sometimes in spaces where all I hear is the music and not external elements, I must say I love publicist even if the lyrics I find… not distressing as such – perhaps macabre is a better word. But there are some lyrical (to me) gems in there, and the overall sound is exquisite, IMO. It made me finally really like synthesised music.

    Aversion2 on the other hand – I like it, but its 40+ minute length means I have to be in the right mood and setting to appreciate it, which sadly is in short supply for me these days. I’d be half curious to know who the original sources were, but only from a sad “sample-trainspotter” perspective. The other half of me wants to work it out myself sometime far in the future.

    “Very happy would buy from this seller again” 😉 Thank you.

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