Two albums! OMG are we going to drown? etc.

Yes, two albums!

You may recall we were talking about a subscription model. You were generally not keen on the idea, but the question was then really about, well, staying power. Because a subscription means you have to get something nice on a regular basis. Could the Sevcom team (yes, there is such) provide this? We can!

We were going to release these things late last year – and then an ancient Canadian radio recording got released on vinyl which sucked up all our air. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Some more time to refine.

Item one is the long anticipated Aversion 2 box, with cards and wire rat. The music and rats were completed mid last year, but there’s been some considerable fussing since that time. We needed 200+ cases made in Japan. The cards had to be thick, but not so thick as to exceed 10g in weight. The whole thing has to be less than 2cm deep to be machine sorted and therefore ‘a letter’, and weigh less than 50g, or cost another 6 dollars postage. We have these things. It will go on sale soon, and you will get the music as a download straight away.

We anticipate that not every person wants to order an object, and so the other album is just a download. In 2015 I released a pop music record called Rhine, and since that time I’ve pottered away at a sequel of sorts called Publicist. That’s three years of agonizing over details, but at last I’ve worn out my patience with turning sounds up or down ever so slightly.


“Staying Power”

I wouldn’t call Publicist a cheery title but it is pretty when it wants to be.

Both will be available very soon (I was thinking Easter Sunday was a good idea). In the meanwhile why not grab the free ‘taster’ which has moments from four albums coming some time this year?

6 thoughts on “Two albums! OMG are we going to drown? etc.

      • Have you seen a doctor? Or can a doctor even help at this point?

        I just visualized putting a magnifying glass to view the top of my left hand – then seeing it – scampering microscopic wire rats chewing away at me. Making my life so much longer. Never being able to see great grandma in heaven again as I was promised.

  1. Here’s hoping I catch an Aversion while I still can. I’m back in the hometown for Easter and the cellular data service is the $#!+s for my cell phone plan. It’s Easter Sunday in your neck of the woods, so.

  2. Well it could just be a coincidence, but The Best of Everything from Publicist is a bit like Biology from Lord H’s Honeytoken. A good bow wow though. Good to see everyone puts out something listenable, like DMs Fail.

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