12 thoughts on “Man Cave VS Sample Robot

  1. Is there any value in importing your man cave synth samples into Omnisphere instead of Kontakt?

    • Omnisphere doesn’t allow multi samples. It’s not really a sampler, only a single sound can be used as an oscillator in each of A or B. Kontakt doesn’t have as many effects as Omnisphere but has a modular processing chain that does most things. Alchemy is really an additive synthesiser than can approximate sampled sounds.

  2. Hey! I’m also looking for ways to get Transwaves into other instruments. Are your samples for sale? I’ve had good luck with using Falcon’s IRCAM sample module, but I’ll try Alchemy tomorrow. Maybe Iris…

  3. Yes well we’ve had this discussion many times, and since I can’t make you see how wrong you are I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this point haha. 😛

    • Actually, I had really nice results using Tone2’s Icarus. It does a much better job of turning the Transwave sweeps into wavetables than Serum. Those wavetables import well into Falcon and aside from effects, you pretty much have feature parity with the Fizmo. Melda’s MXXX is a pretty good replacement processor.

  4. E-Mu Emulator X3 has a tool called SynthSwipe that sends out MIDI commands to play and receives audio that it samples. It can play every patch in any synth, hardware or VST that can take MIDI commands, with multi-sampling and store the whole mess as a playable library. That’s pretty damn neat. And there are places from which you can get X3 for the touch of a mouse button but I won’t go further than that because of the Fifth Amendment. Go do your own searching. I spent forty years doing all that work and I am not going to make it easy for some young twerps who can’t navigate a BBS.

  5. Oh, also, Emulator X3 can assemble its own wavetables using another tool called X-wave Synthesis. So, it’s pretty much your go anywhere do anything tool.

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