12 Excellent Reasons Why I Should Be Able to Post Your Stuff on YouTube


Tom, you prick, you took down MY damn video just because you made it.
This is wrong as you will plainly learn from this list.

  1. Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I be the 33rd person to post up another “Dead Eyes Opened Spook Mix”?
  2. No one else is doing it so I think it justified that I be world leader in going through your garbage bins.
  3. It’s not as if you’re posting the material yourself. Well maybe you did, I didn’t look hard.
  4. I am a Curator! Your work is simply a small part of my vision, which presents a culturally significant view of media I remember from 30 years ago.
  5. None of the other bands have complained so I’m pretty disappointed that you’re making an effort here.
  6. It’s Fair Use for Educational Purposes, as I’m a Professor of History and my course is the period before I was too fat to go to the disco.
  7. I played it faster/slower/backwards/wearing a funny hat so it’s now my work.
  8. I’ve incentivised the product through agile redeployment in a way that you will never conceptually grasp.
  9. Did you see the video where the record label spins around? Did you do that? No, you didn’t. So now it’s just a soundtrack, feel lucky I chose you.
  10. Gift economy (if you buy YouTube Red).
  11. All your efforts: live shows, videos, streaming, objects – all of that achieves nothing. It’s my YouTube VHS that keeps you from obscurity
  12. The viewers prefer my ancient capture off TV to your elitist ‘master copy’. It’s like Stranger Things.

See also (from 2011) http://tomellard.com/wp/2011/03/audio-mouth-breathers/

16 thoughts on “12 Excellent Reasons Why I Should Be Able to Post Your Stuff on YouTube

  1. There are such people? Oh, brave new world.
    I was wondering… since the V-Synth is nice but less than expected, wouldn’t the SH-201 be a good alternative being 1/10 the price and most of the sound?

  2. Hey, there is another way to look at this, does everyone remember what life was like musically pre-youtube? …like do you really want to turn the clock back so as to never be able to see /hear any of your old favourite bands. The video format back in the day, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s were VHS and now of course obsolete… this means if we don’t have collectors going to much effort in reproducing these clips, they will indeed be lost forever… hence should this really be our path into the future… to eradicate all traces of our visual art history? …seems like a very sad & totally uneccessary loss to me!

    • That would be a worry if any of that were true. But it’s not. All of the music is preserved on other services where you can hear it and buy copies for yourself. They offer full quality, not horrible compressed MP4. If you must listen on YouTube most of the albums are appearing through licensed labels. And the videos have been made available multiple times, and are on YouTube and Vimeo in multiple versions.

      People don’t check the reality, and just assume, in ignorance, that they are the solution. There is no need for white knights to ride in and save the day. Certainly not with advertising.

  3. Tom. Question. In your summation of MR Rack, you say the EXP-3 provides all the (missing) Transwaves. I can’t find a list of EXP Transwaves anywhere. I found a list of all the sounds in EXP-3 but nothing to indicate which are TW and which are not, except the obvious ones with “trans” in the title (although that might be red herring.) Can you post a list of the TWs in EXP-3 please? I just bought an MR Rack and would like to know what’s in EXP-3 before I further the expenditure. Thanks.

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