Put up or shut up.

It was nice to have a talk about subscriptions. Seems that people like to pre-pay for a particular project. We’ll think about that when we have an expensive thing in mind for which we need help. Until then we have enough resources to make first, and only then bug you for funds. We put up or shut up.

We are going to be performing in the USA in about three weeks, so any product is going to be after we get back and sleep off the lag.

Here’s one of the things that are happening. I intended to get an album called Aversion out last year, to be cover versions of classic rock songs and psychedelia. It followed the old truth that a new band, especially electronic or weird, have to make cover versions before they get any attention (we did Strange Brew). It’s about demonstrating exactly how you differ to the mainstream. Aversion was mostly finished by late 2016 but I had a really good listen, and admitted that it just had nothing to offer that hadn’t been done better before. The classics include the Residents Third Reich and Roll, and Laibach’s Let It Be – you probably have some others you could add to that list.

Aversion is not bad, it’s on the level of Strange Brew which people seemed to like. Maybe it will arrive later. Meanwhile I decided to start on Aversion 2, which is subtitled Classic Rock Simulation. In this case it’s existing rock music that’s been edited and processed to make new songs. For example I took the first bar of a very famous 60’s song and processed the individual notes to play a variety of riffs at both normal and half speed. I added bass and drums and some vocal samples that have been tuned a word at a time to sing a melody. The result is a kind of Soul R&B number akin to these weird images that Google AI spits out.


It sounds like rock but only a memory of it, or an approximation made by an algorithm. I like some rock music, and there’s no criticism implied, just some curious misrepresentation which allows me to practice some heavy psychedelic production.

Because we’ve found that people like to buy a physical object, like Blubberknife*, or Showbag, we’ve been working on a neat little package for you that also might be expanded to other titles. The theme is lab rats, experimentation, the work of Harlow on infant monkeys. My partner creates wire forms of the sort that have already appeared on Donut. She has worked hard to not only create a complex wire rat for the cover, but has so far made over 100 wire rats to go one inside each of the packages.


This mockup has the wrong art showing inside, but gives the feel of it.

The music is on a credit card USB and there’s also a stack of credit card sized artwork. We think it’s going to be light enough that postage won’t be too harsh, but as always you have to expect it’ll cost at least the materials, the postage and something to repay the eventual 200 rats that will be needed.

I’ll be posting some examples of Aversion 2 soon, but meanwhile here’s a bit of a making of.



* Does anyone have a 1982 Blubberknife in the TV set innards? We have no pictures 🙁

10 thoughts on “Put up or shut up.

  1. While a covers album is fine I think you are on the right track with Aversion 2, the premise sounds intriguing and the packaging idea is great. I’m reminded by the description of the weird and often wonderful overlaps of sound that occured with the short wave radio simulators you had up some time ago.

    I couldn’t find a photo of Blubberknife for the archives when putting together the VOD box, but will still be looking for one.

  2. Count me intrigued. I will make a greater effort to be more attentive now in order to Not Miss Out (damn that FOMO).

    I would have enjoyed your take on some of the tracks that were discussed for Aversion, but can appreciate your reticence. Though while you argue it’s been done before, a good reinterpretation should offer something new, which I would trust you could do. But I guess the concept of reinterpretations is not new, so while those would be new interpretations they wouldn’t be metanew.

  3. I will only buy the wire rat if I can send back something similar to you that one of my children have made.

    When you receive the item, I want you to videotape someone destroying it while screaming, “WE HATE OUR FANS AND THEIR STUPID CHILDREN!”

    Look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night. One more live show to cross off the bucket list. Soon when I die, I will know that I have seen all I needed to see.

  4. Excellent show. I think I may have seen you walking down Diversey while I was eating lunch the next day. Or a tompleganger.

      • funny, we spent a bit there, it wasn’t that impressive as far as decorations go. I got lit and so on. guess those things happen when grown men get outside of their element. Doplellard.

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