3 thoughts on “Man Cave: Alesis Ion – fresh tacos.

  1. Since you are vocally in favor of little big noises, I am surprised you have not attempted to assimilate a Dave Smith Evolver. It’s the size of a paperback book and sounds like anything from a mouse in a shoebox under a mattress to an elephant on a 747 in a hurricane with an oompa band. I am trying to get (another) one right now.

  2. PS I’m also trying to get a(nother) Micron, too (a blue one, because that’s what I want.) And a Korg SDD-3300, because there is really nothing else like it.

  3. Oh, by the way, if a particular box does not have enough knobs I always recommend a Novation SL MkII (nee Remote.) If you go to the Yahoo! Groups Ion/Micron/Miniak group, in the files section (after you join) is a PDF of a spreadsheet originated inadequately and incompletely by Alesis but painfully and hugely expanded and completed by yours truly, of every MIDI code that controls the Micron. I was in the process of creating an SL template so my Micron would be completely controllable, when tragedy (my stupidity, in so many words) struck and I lost absolutely everything I owned. I am slowly gaining back the important bits now. I shall complete the SL template in due time.

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