6 thoughts on “Man Cave: Roland System-8 : All’s well that ends well.

  1. Being uninterested in anything Roland after the V-Synth GT, I feel safe in adding a completely disconnected comment. Out of curiosity I searched for (sought?) a Kawai Lemon Keyboard on eBay and found one. So, there are at least two in existence. U2b search indicates a severe lack of any Lemon Keyboard demo videos. If you have the time, Tom Ellard, could you create and post a Lemon Keyboard demo video? Otherwise I might have to entangle myself in my own dreams, stretch my already twanging fixed income, and get this other one simply to find out what it sounds like. I assume that since you have one, it must not be completely useless. Else why would I also have a fixation for the Casio SA-35?

    • I think it could, given time. I don’t know the exact difference between the Jupiter and MKS80, I think the latter is somewhat more gruff. Once I finish the Lemon Party (see above) I’ll have a chook at it.

  2. Tom, love your writing, but I am puzzled: your pride and joy ‘fleacore’ DX200 does not appear in your Mancave anywhere. Am curious as to where it sits in your universe. A fallen star perhaps?

  3. On a unrelated note, Severed Heads is playing in Calgary apparently. I was not guessing there are many Severed Heads fans in Calgary. But why not try to make some?? Bonne Chance!! (!) I am very likely not to go unless there is something in Ottawa, but I am considering the Montreal one.

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