Mancave Update: Arturia V Collection 5.

I moved this article to the Man Cave, but damn let’s keep this image here for everyone to enjoy.


Five Arturias in Arturia Forest

8 thoughts on “Mancave Update: Arturia V Collection 5.

  1. I find them most musical and applaud the larger interfaces.A most worthy update.The Synclavier will require some exploration that will reward with unique sounds imho.I would rather have this collection than the a room full of the hairy old beasts it represents. Organ is good now.

    • The Synclavier may turn out for the best but it has much too much skeuomorphic baggage to lug back and forth. It’s an experience more than an instrument.

      If I offered you all the equipment you might take it 🙂 I would.

  2. Those Smurfs…they hurt the eyes. I feel like everything I know has been challenged.

    Personal experience…Arturia stuff is alright, I guess it’s kind of a ballpark approximation of the instruments they emulate but I noticed a big jump in “realism” (subjective) around the time of SEM V, so if they’ve gone back and rebuilt some filters and whatnot in the others…the Synclavier looks alright except for all DEM PAGES, can you load sampels of Anoushka Hempels and do that thing?

    HEY I saw an interview with the Arturia Guy where he said the Origin was made from bought up but end-of-lifed SHARC DSPs which is why it became a synth of yesterday not long after coming out, pre-empted the modular pants explosion etc… I don’t know if that knowledge really solves the mystery etc but there you go.

  3. I feel sullied and unusual. Anyway, I have collection 3 but have not upgraded to 5 even for the $99 owner upgrade, yet. I might, if they throw it at me again someday since the holidays offer has expired. But I just got an Ultranova and a Kawai K5000W with the MCB and am awaiting arrival of a Roland A-80 (polyphonic aftertouch and the illicit excitement of real ivory keys that some animal died to provide; it’s like eating steak in front of a vegetarian.) I might get an Alesis Micron, the tiny giant of sound that can pull off an OB-Xa imitation with ease. Depends on how her highness the Ultranova fairs under my direction. I very much appreciate and admire this web site you’ve got here. Very witty and urbane, like Max Headroom in his heyday. When comes such another?

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