9 thoughts on “Man Cave Update – Novation Ultranova

  1. That’s the most positive thing I’ve ever read from you. Congratulations on finding such a splendid beast.

      • I was referring to the tone rather than the content….I have boilers to buy and a house to heat!

  2. This is the first hardware synth I bought, got it in 2012 when the big USA online sellers were having a $500 sale on it for a week for some reason. I use it as a controller mostly these days though. It’s quite a bang for the buck, but the vocoder is useless for me and the presets are terrible – dripping in effects. I guess I’m just a lazy noob because I don’t want to jump through the hoops the synth puts up in order to create my own sounds – too complicated (for me).

    But the keys are great, the touch encoders and built in interface are useful, aftertouch is nice (wish the Mininova had it), it’s a good size for my desk, and I love that it’s powered by USB.

    Monotimbrality is a giant pain.

    • You said “Presets”. This is a great sin. Start with a decade of Hail Marys and then go to a Init patch and start washing your feet in the waters of redemption.

      If you only ever tried adjusting the one initialized saw wave, what simple happiness you would find!

  3. This is my favorite synth review ever and I shall now bow in the Ultranova church.

  4. I love my Ultranova but it’s time for a firmware update that will add a hold function to the 8 touch sensitive encoders. It’s a small gripe but it would be nice to liberate that finger.

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