Please describe best American beer to have in your zone. We will be busy gentlemen and will not have time to go to your obscure beard shop I beg your pardon. But would like have a beer after work.

Thank you for your thoughts.Map_of_usa-7

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  1. So glad you asked!!
    I’m sure the Chi-town people will squash you with names of local beers you must have.
    So I’ll inform you of the most-beloved micro-brews coming from MICHIGAN, which should be available in Illinois.
    (Oberon!! Two-hearted!!!)
    (huma lupa licious! Short Parade!!)
    (Diabolical! Siren!!)

    And there’s some other weird things, like Kombucha Beer by Unity Vibration, and meade by B Nektar.

  2. While in Chicago, definitely hit the Goose Island Brew Pub. I’d love to have a beer with you!! Been a BIG fan since the early eighties!! 🙂

  3. San Francisco – I hope you like hops. Good pale ales / IPAs you’re likely to find on draught, most brazen listed last:

    Sierra Nevada
    Arrogant Bastard
    Stone IPA
    Lagunitas IPA
    Racer 5

    If they have any Russian River brews – Damnation, Redemption, (etc – *ion), Blind Pig IPA, Pliny – do it

    Don’t bother:
    Anchor Steam

    I could go on. Sycamore is right around the corner from Elbo Room and has a great bottle selection. If you want an absurdly good selection at an equally absurd markup Monk’s Kettle is just a few blocks.

  4. You should look for Revolution Brewing beers when you are in Chicago. Can’t wait to see you live again. Last time was on the Rotund For Success tour with MC 900ft Jesus.

  5. In the hinterlands of WI, we are simply awash in good beer. It comes out of the taps, basically.

    The standard-bearers for our state are the beers from New Glarus Brewing Co, which include beers with whimsical names like “Spotted Cow” and “Fat Squirrel.” Spotted Cow is sort of the default beer around here; it’s a tasty cream ale. But they also make some belgian-style sort-of-lambics that are quite tasty.

    The main problem is that they do not sell out-of-state, so even across the border in northern Illinois, mere miles from the New Glarus Brewery, there is none to be had.

    Luckily, we have places like Ale Asylum (Madtown Nut Brown is a favorite, and Hopalicious if you like hoppy, bitter ales), Karben4, O’so, Lake Louie, Lakefront Brewing, and the old-reliable Sprecher (a german-style brewer which helped kick of the craft brewery explosion in this country). All of them make quite delicious beers, many of which can be procured in Chicago, if you just happen to be there for, say, an early-fall music festival.

    Chicagoland itself also has its fair share of great breweries, including Goose Island and Revolution Brewing. But I’ll let an actual chicagoan detail those.

  6. The big theme with beer in America at the moment is hops, and not just in the Northwest. I have no idea why. Government subsidies on hops, maybe? If you like absurdly hoppy beers, and also beer with unusual and inappropriate flavorings, you can hardly go wrong. If you like lager, you’ll enjoy Chicago and Milwaukee.

    For mass-market stuff, I’ll speak up for Anchor Steam, which I quite like, but it’s popular to bash it at the moment, possibly because it’s not hoppy enough. Fat Tire and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are very popular almost-mass-market beers which really aren’t too bad. For lager, try Yuengling and (the infamous) Rolling Rock. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the official lager of hipsters, and you should try at least one, for cultural reasons — and also it’s surprisingly OK. Stay away from Samuel Adams — it’s overhyped swill.

    When I was in LA, I mostly stuck with English ale, because that’s what I like, and it’s not too hard to find there. For that, try the Cat and Fiddle if you find yourself in Hollywood for some reason; Library in Santa Monica; and especially Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena.

    By the way, if you are in San Francisco and want to be a tourist, go to the Buena Vista, which claims to have invented “Irish coffee”, which (as the man said) ruins three good drinks: whiskey, coffee, and cream. It’s traditional to order it with fries.

    You don’t appear to be visiting Asheville, North Carolina, but in case you ever do, it’s mostly local brews, and the best I know so far are Green Man ESB and a very inky beer called Ninja Porter. There’s also a decent lager called Mama’s Little Yella Pils. Of course, if you like hops, order almost anything else — you’ll get plenty. The Moog factory is there as well (if you’re into that kind of thing; in fact, send me email if you’re ever thinking of a visit).

    In the nearby mountain town of Waynesville, where you almost certainly won’t find yourself, they have apparently very little to do except brew beer. I recommend the Frog Level Brewery, where almost everything served is really quite good, and sometimes the music is as well.

  7. Tom, as others have said, there is a massive micro-brewing revolution going on in the USA, but–inexplicably–it is centered around IPAs.

    I don’t know where you’re going to be housed for your Glendale show, but if you are near Glendale:

    — Golden Road Brewing and Eagle Rock Brewery would be very nearby. Golden Road serves food.

    — in neighboring Pasadena, I recommend Lucky Baldwin’s as a pub,…their Old Town location. What looks and feels just like your very basic Irish pub is actually one of the best bars in the entire western US in disguise…the reason is because they consistently have 40+ foreign beers on tap, with an emphasis on Belgians, often Belgian beer that nobody else has on tap…they have even had Belgian breweries name beers after them. They have hundreds more beers in bottles. They also have some US microbrews, but if you want the widest selection of quality foreign beer on tap, Lucky’s is the place to go. Food is decent pub far, but just up the alleyway, King’s Row Gastropub has quite excellent pub food, and a decent selection of good beers on tap also.

  8. Much is dependent upon where in town you’ll be staying, because LA is bloody massive, and you won’t want to get stuck in traffic trying to get somewhere. My guess is you’ll be housed downtown or somewhere near the Glendale venue. Let us know your general location and we can help guide you expertly.

  9. Should be easy in LA – the venue (Complex) has a pretty wide range of micro brews & imports (well, imports to us anyhow) and a minimum of fizzy, yellow American lager.

  10. Come the revolution the beer nerds will be first against the wall. Yes, I realise they’re a bit nicer, but you’ll never be a Real Man if you can’t drink the standard stuff, it’s all those of us in the Slave Galley can afford and it’s insufferable listening to people talk about how this one was actually brewed through a maiden’s wimple in zero gravity and delivered by Astromonks…and and and…middle class mutter mutter…

    Oh, shit. That could be me talking about modulars…

  11. Kenzinger by Philadelphia Brewing Company just cheap, plain, simple BEER. The big rage on the bEast Coast lately is hard Root Beer. Makes me burp alot.

  12. Blue Moon, usually served with an orange wedge at the lip. I’m not much of a drinker but I find it light and crisp. Hard to find in Asheville, more so in the Great Lakes region. Asheville micro-brewed beers are heavier, snotty consistencies, or over done in hops, imho. The best anywhere, I think, is an organic brand called Wolaver’s brewed in Vermont (likely found in NYC), distributed here in at least one organic store. It’s crisp, clean, and not stale tasting after a few bottles. Plus, no hangover.
    I loved VB while in Sydney. I understand that’s not top shelf but I liked it. Can’t get it here at all except close to the Canada border.
    I could go to the Ybor City show. Haven’t seen Florida in a long while. Would like to see you play at least once.

  13. Hey Michael from NC….I’ll be traveling to Asheville next week, thanks for the info about the beer there!!!

  14. In Chicago – Goose Island and Revolution are good choices. I will even pay for you and your mates beer if I get to tag along. You and SP inspired me to move beyond my TX81Z and QX21 electo-jazz programming when first started out in the 90’s… it would be an honor to meet you.

  15. Hi Tom. I’m no craft beer snob and you’ll usually find me with a can of your run of the mill domestic piss in my hand, but while you’re in Austin you should try a “real ale fireman’s #4”. However, I’m not sure how the beer selection is at the chic goth nightclub you’re performing at…. looking forward to it.

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