Great career advice just for YOU.


Tip 1: Make sure you get your email out of the way straight away on arrival. Categorise the contents into act now, later and pass to others.
Tip 2: Don’t look at your email for the first few hours. Follow through your own schedule and don’t get distracted by communications that deflect that schedule.

Tip 3: Plan out every hour of the day, starting at 5.30pm and working backwards.
Tip 4: Don’t plan the day by hours. Allow the larger themes of your job role to determine the proportions of your time load.

Tip 5: Take a break every half hour and switch to another task to keep a fresh mind.
Tip 6: Get yourself into the swing of the task, a mind space, in the zone, without taking breaks.

Tip 7: Visualise yourself in your next role and work at a higher level as if you are preparing to take it on.
Tip 8: Don’t try to anticipate your next role as you will always create it around you when the time comes.

Tip 9: Schedule regular public dialogue with your co-workers and take care to listen.
Tip 10: Avoid meetings unless to address specific needs

Tip 11: Don’t read those ‘life success tip’ list blogs, they are a pack of shit. All of the contradictory advice listed above comes from the same source. You don’t need to take advice from ‘idea puppy mills’.

Tip 123: They see no problem with listing contradictory advice, because the goal is not about actually achieving anything but teaching you to be an efficient component. Contradiction is actually good to keep you open to suggestion.

Tip 12: This kind of writing is an attempt to regiment your thinking so that you remain a useful cog in a system that concentrates wealth and leisure with a few people, and wastes your short life on this earth.

Tip 15: You are going to die. Time is running out. You will become sick and not be able to fulfil those aspirations that matter most to you. That’s the most important item on the schedule, so fuck email tips.

Tip Horse: The best answer to work is to change management to trust. That is, work on the basis of your humanity, not become technology.

Tip toe: And don’t be an arsehole, that’s a cheap diversionary aspiration. There is no need to act like Steve Jobs, just because it gets promoted in popular fiction as a way to exercise power. Kindness is a difficult virtue. We are all in the same tunnel.

T1#262865: But you already knew all of this.

12 thoughts on “Great career advice just for YOU.

  1. Excellent. Even better that the “this kind of writing” link leads to a site whose name translates to “you’re an idiot”, though it could also be read as “I’m an idiot”. In either case…

  2. I like these tips. I want to sell you on the idea that if human beings can learn to structure their work environment similar to that of moles that quite a few more tunnels going to nowhere will be constructed but finding endless juicy grubs will be accomplished. Work = belly full of yummy grubs.

        • I got it, and oddly I see the “knighthood” angle as well. I have much empathy for Quixote. At times I see guys and gals in my generation being like that for ideas that they could be HST or something and eventually falling like angels from the improbable ability of being something that “just isn’t” anymore no matter how attractive. Speaking of, what do you think of this song:

          It is this sort of glitch thing that is popular at the moment that is driving me a bit batty. I like it. I think moreso now that it seems to be getting honed. And, you should bow, I think the first “glitch” music I ever heard was hidden here and there in your works.

          • Sometimes the silliness I write confuses me. I should try to make an honest point at sometime. Regardless, there was a bit of “glitch” in the first link as well and I am comparing all work to Don Q somehow. The words make sense to me at the times I type them. Finger/brain misfiring.

            I had a conversation earlier today with my love that we should just sell everything and move somewhere far away. Do gypsy type things and yet here we still are trapped by a home and a life that has a router that connects to about 10 different computers/phones/pads. It’s so predictable these days and yet it is what we are supposed to be. I am not sure that it is any better in ANY sense than what was 25 years ago. And yet here I am, and here everyone else is – working for this brave new world that isn’t very brave at all.

          • It reminds me of the European art films I used to see when I was younger and even more pretentious. They were always charmingly twee, as is that track.

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