Hard Launch

[H.H] bug fix sent to ABC – fixes Space Bar freeze.

ABC opened the gate early. http://www.abc.net.au/arts/

Look at the people on that page. Jesus what a bunch of mummies. 🙂

Fun and games going at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where the game started leaking out before we were quite ready. Actually not ready. If you have managed to get in and start playing, congratulations, but just keep the URL to yourself a while longer while we squash last minute bugs.

The press are getting a look in over the next few days, but we launch Friday 1st March.


To give you the flavour of the bugs, Frenchbloke reports “a spinning top + evil chicken combo seems to have pushed me into a place I can’t get out of although it is fun listening to the cymbals going in and out of phase”

This is obviously something that needs fixing.

Addendum: I should point out that you are actually supposed be pushed around by chickens but only ducks are a reliable transport.

10 thoughts on “Hard Launch

  1. If I might make an observation about the “how to play” page: command q will kill the browser, not the session. It might piss some people off, but maybe that’s what you wanted? 😉

    • The ABC has gone and mixed up the instructions for the web and download versions. Cmd-Q is for the DOWNLOAD version. The web version you just navigate to disney.com

  2. Hey Tom!

    I pressed space in the Dream More Planes room and it locked up with a nice loop that kept playing until I killed Chrome.

    Very cool! Keen to see where I can lock it up later!


    • Second report about this. I may have stuffed up by leaving in some code for taking screen shots. Sorry.

  3. Having lots of fun with the Airheads.

    and made a near LFO sequence on the big Tiki sequencer.

    • The code for recording is working in some cases but not in others. It works OK on the Dev machine but OSX is unhappy… I have to do some other stuff for a while before I get back to it.

      There’s a switch on that machine that is supposed to load other sounds. It does but for some reason loaded sounds are distorted. I don’t know why yet.

    • Before going under Denver Airport you should read the Princesses’ taunts she left for Sunday (S. March project manager) in the Warren. It’s pretty explicit – you need to have an Easter egg hunt before you go to the Airport. Then use your ears to find what she tells you to find.

      If you’re “yellow”, she’ll “come give you a big kiss” as written above the big mouth singers.

      Tidbit: tomorrow is the Sunday March that named her over a year ago.

  4. Other than the program locking up a few times from pushing the spacebar (Force of habit from other games, I keep thinking it will make me jump) no other problems to report. The kids in the house ages 4, 8, and 10 have all had a good time playing around with the various instruments. Level 4 with the tiki sequencer seems to be their favorite.

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