Last days. Again.

It’s funny isn’t it, how the busiest times seem to jam up at the death of things. It’s busy now, very busy, as we prepare another larger coffin for Severed Heads. How many coffins has this corpse escaped so far? Houdini!


Yeah, well, OK. But just once more.

Severed Heads is very weary. It shuffles along carrying another heavy load, confused by being alive and dead all at once. Reanimated for as long as some more publicity gets injected, but frankly it starved to death years ago. No one gave a flying fuck until it was buried. Now they keep digging it up.


Look I found the track with old guy’s voice in it!

Weary. Now that’s the word, more spiritual than just plain old tired.

I think this coffin is going to be the big one. There’s going to be a TV crew, outside broadcast van, the contract is 47 pages long, residual rights blah blah names and likenesses blah blah LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of this old cobble of bones. Documentation that this thing has finally carked it and “pity we didn’t go to see them when they were still around?”

Like any dying thing you keep gasping for air, it’s primal. You think that you can drag that few more minutes out of the universe, but you’re already gone. I’ve got a whole album of music I’ve been recording and some drunk midnights almost get to planning some kind of distribution. Thank God that next morning someone will write and ask if they can re-issue 1983 for the 1000th time and remind me why I just record for myself – cut out the middle man.

And frankly, the wonderful people (I really mean that) who are supporting us aren’t the current listening audience. We’re one generation away from people who go to The Opera.


If I go to the op’ra house, in the op’ra season
There’s someone sure to shout at me without the slightest reason
If I go to a concert hall to have a jolly spree
There’s someone in the party who is sure to shout at me
“Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that tile?
Isn’t it a nobby one, and just the proper style?
I should like to have one Just the same as that!”
Where’er I go, they shout “Hello! Where did you get that hat?”

So then, weary but not lazy. Let’s make a great show of it, entertain, play the old bones another round. Always have pride in your work. Do the song with the bloke in it after all it’s going to be on TV as long as that old Rock Arena horror. After that, well Stewart’s got a Tangerine Dream style band he keeps threatening to launch (and I’m mentioning to guilt him into launching) so I’ll ask if I can be Conrad Schnitzel. That sounds fun.

If you’ve got any suggestions for what his band should be called I reckon you tweet him. He’ll hate that. If you don’t tweet leave a suggestion here.

17 thoughts on “Last days. Again.

  1. Aubergine Nightmare?

    I want in on Stewart’s band. Those little analogue sequencers are little enough, now.

    • I’m leaning to calling it KLAUS.
      Just …
      K L A U S
      all in capital letters.

      Hilarious rant: “We used to love all those musicians who do electronic Hausmusik just for fun, privately during their spare time, and for their own and some friends’ fun. But when these well-meant amateurish tryings are seriously put on the market, being reviewed, among, say, the last or some historic CDs of TD, Vangelis, Eno and KS, and these amateurs are even compared to those professional CDs by the Masters, this is simply disgusting. They just are not on the same level… they wonder why nobody buys their CDs, despite those raving reviews in some fanzines… Those amateurs are just fans (and if they stay just fans, of whom ever, we love them). I wrote somewhere else and I repeat here: I fear, there exists a profound misunderstanding of the concept of being an artist.”

      But then again it ain’t my baby.
      Wonder if a moustache is required 🙁

  2. What wait NEW ALBUM!? Yes please. I don’t care if it’s Tom Ellard or K L A U S or even Sevs.

    If I was going to do Tangerine Dream space-hippy electronic stuff, I would call it The WOW! Signal.

  3. Severed body, KLAUSHEAD, magic ted, liverISgone, drinking from the throat, grandpa and his amazing cancers, ummm….

    I am currently watching rave video’s I taped back in the early 90’s. One thing I can think of is that IF this comes about, there better be video that comes along with it. Well, ok, I hope there is video that comes along with it.

    • Um, if you mean Stewart’s band, ask Stewart. As for the Adelaide gig I get the feeling that half of ABC Television is going to be there. There’s going to be more camera operators than band members.

  4. I still have that Rock Arena performance on Video somewhere. That was the first time I had ever heard of Severed Heads and was completely blown away.

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