9 thoughts on “[H.H] New Beta for Saturday 13th!

  1. Beta of the web version will be out this month. Full version I expect to arrive just before March 1 – festival opening.

    No gaming skills required. It’s just a toy. But you need a computer that was made in the last few years to get the full results.

  2. turned everything on and then tried to turn everything back off which was a bit fiddly.
    – but then, quarter inch tape was always fiddly at first.
    With mouse / laptop it takes a few seconds to control motion as it’s a bit over-sensitive. You have to spin to centre the cursor ( probably just me ) – using track pad on laptop to navigate seems to conflict with the WSAD keys.
    some notes took longer to close when viewed, again probably just me

    Will play some more

  3. I get similar over-sensitivity issues on a laptop with a trackpad (retina os x fapbook)..

    The touch targets on the blue picnic tapes machines is a bit small maybe.. coupled with the look oversensitivity make them a little bit of an arse to use. Is there a keyboard modifier available that can slow down the movement maybe? It’d be nice to have fast and slow look about and/or navigation.

    Can we get tape decks playing backwards at all (or selectable play direction)?

    More later when I get more time. The sensitivity is the killer for me at the moment.

  4. rather enjoying moving the tape machines into the ‘atrium’ and nudging them into fairly evenly spaced places around the globe. Not encountered any problems yet apart from two record players playing the same stuck grooves

  5. The over sensitive mouse is an annoyance that I will have to address in the Mac OSX version of the title. It seems to be a system wide problem and with many such problems (like brightness) the Unity ‘Answers’ area is silent.

    Making the buttons bigger seems a reasonable thing. There’s a trade off between features and precisions required. Maybe the tape machines could change speed with a simple click-twice toggle?

    I have allowed the turntables to have multiples of the same sample because you can set up Steve Reich style phase effects that way.


  6. really enjoying layering the tape machines one in front, two behind and three behind that in front of the main table. Fun with stereo

  7. slower control is much better. Easier to get the tape machine playing at different speeds.

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