Spontaneous declare joy of HuaWei Phone!

Greetings truethinking blog readers!

As a concerned Australian Citizen Blogger and NOT ASTROTURF I denounce the slur against the peaceful People’s Republic Of China and a true friend of Australian People! The wrongthinking and meddlesome intelligence services of the current regime are wrong to paint a portrait of the PRC as a threat to Australian security. The PRC are true lovers of peace and security throughout the Asia Pacific and without reasons to be snooping into the National Broadband Network through unyieldingly advanced and hard working HUAWEI cyber equipment! This confusion and ill temper is a sadness that will need correction through a popular and spontaneous change of the Australian government!

HUAWEI opens arms to those Australians that will help make clear this misunderstanding. They are grateful for the selfless joining of the HUAWEI board by previous Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, not for any hope of personal gift or profit but to right the wrongs of the Sinophobic Gillard regime. Chairman Downer affirms that any concerns that a foreign corporation would ever set up listening points in another country’s IT structure were ‘absurd’. Listen to this unbiased prominent person! He knows absurd!

Still a foreign minister, just a different country.

Paid trips by members of the current federal opposition to China to discuss the need for regime change are simply matters of good cheer and personal friendships between the Liberal Party and ex members of the People’s Liberation Army. Both are Liberals in their own way! It is only true thinking and resolute self examination that leads the Liberal Party to attack the exclusion of HUAWEI from this mutually worthy business deal and not to do with gifts of money and power at all.

I spontaneously protest against the unfair targeting of HUAWEI only because I am the proud owner of a HUAWEI telephone. It is simply not true that I bought this phone because it was the cheapest and nastiest unlocked phone I could get in a hurry! No it is because of the excellent features and range of great apps like ANGLY BIRD and PUMPKIN FIGHTS MONSTERS that win my ever growing applause. I am beyond delighted to find that I have supported a company that is associated with exactly the people I most admire in the world.

{tl;dr I bought a phone from a sleazy Chinese company that’s bribing the most horrible people in Australia to run a hate campaign to ensure that China gets listening posts in our IT infrastructure and that the Liberal Party get into power. I hate myself. I don’t know what to do with this phone.}

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