Hugo this way I’ll go that way.

I wrote several thousand words on Hugo and the evils of retrospective editing of a real man’s life. No one should be forced to read that but by God it made me feel better to rage it out. I will now give you the essential crib notes:

Fuck you Scorsese for allowing the life of Melies to be drowned in infantile revisionism. You should know better. You took a children’s book, lit it orange on one side and blue on the other and threw some Film 101 into the pot. A lot of what you concealed is the dirty history of film. We have our own trains pulling into our own stations: we don’t need your old magic tricks, we have too many of those. What we need is the grey reality of greed and folly that you want to gloss over. Film is not a family. Film is a pack of hyena.

Show us Melies signing the deal with Pathe that lost him his house. Show us his brother churning out shitty westerns for that brute Edison. Show us how film society dribbled money to him when he was running the toy store. Show us the reality. SHOW THE TRUTH. Then talk to us about ‘your love of film’.

Hugo is just another shiny robot movie. The recreations of the early cinema are wonderful, but then, shiny robot.

That over too many pages.

I have finally released the 25th Anniversary remaster of Come Visit The Big Bigot on BandCamp. I had been holding off for a release on CD – 25 years was 2011, but I think that release may now not happen. If you’ve been following you know why. It’s free to listen and Strange Brew is free to download.

Related – I am nearly all gone from YouTube. You will find me at Vimeo. Just use the ‘Videos’ menu at the top of the page to see what’s there. YouTube is really not the place for me – when 100,000 people watch my video by accident, do you call that a successful communication?

9 thoughts on “Hugo this way I’ll go that way.

  1. Does this mean the proposed box set of Stretcher, Bigot, Bad Mood Guy and Rotund from LTM Records is off the table now? Would love to hear a remastered BMG with original track order restored.

    Haven’t seen Hugo but the more I hear about it the less interested I am in doing so.

  2. @David I can add the original BMG tracks. Box looks unlikely at the moment as it would trigger more tracks being ‘owned’ by a company that has never contacted me for any permission.

  3. Ah, I was so looking forward to that box idea, the music it would contain and how it could be packaged. Guess I’m not ready to accept the death of CDs, still love buying those things. 🙁

  4. Big Bigot makes me sad. I have 1000x the equipment and .01x the inventiveness/ideas.

  5. I added the BMG tracks. The Bad Mood Guy download now includes three tracks from the original album. I think you get to download that again if you already paid for it.

  6. This sounds so much better than my Nettwerk CD of Bigot! The treble is a bit harsh at times, but the improved depth and separation more than make up for it.

  7. The treble was always cheap and harsh, and it was tempting to notch down at about 1.5K. That would drastically change the sound of the album. Leading to imprisonment and death.

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