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Shen is way off the mark with the iDocX review. Apple have come up with a new paradigm for medical treatment here and Big Medicine don’t get it because they are stuck in the old ways. So surgery needs precision – iDocX has it in spades! Simplifying the tool set just means rethinking the way you work. So many doctors work solo now, the group features are overrated (more)
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Just because you did the full medical degree doesn’t make you an expert in everything. This is great for people who just operate around the home. I do all the doctoring in my family and the simple interface is going to make appendectomy heaps easier.
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iQuackX more like.
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The so called ‘medical professionals’ are hating on this just because it look a bit like iNursing Express. So what! That works for more people and the ones that really do the healing. You can leave Comprehensive Medical Procedures 7 installed any it’s not like medicine moves that quickly! Apple have said they are going to bring oncology back on board real soon.
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Loving the new Psychiatric Magic Wand. Haters gonna hate!
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Try it on yourself first
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This is so disappointing. All we wanted was a 256 bit upgrade. I can’t believe I can’t use this with my existing cases.
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Healing Momma
It’s time that hobbyists got a fair deal!!! I am just as good at CANCER as any doctor (that is NO good)  now everybody gets to be a PRACTITIONER so I say GOOD ON APPLE for dropping the price where a MOM can set up too!
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This is a serious wall of shit. Can’t collaborate with another surgeon. All the operations have to go in one theatre, no specialised equipment. All the scalpels removed and some crazy gestural selection tool that I can’t use while staunching flow with a sponge. I’m seriously going to have to look elsewhere after 10 years of practice with CMP. This really sucks.
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R.D. Laing.
How does it feel to be a complete Adobe Fainboi?
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I don’t work for Adobe. And I know Practioner CS5 has big problems with leaving metal in the cavity. I just don’t have three hands to sponge and suture at the same time.
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Old Fart
You people just should realise that doing it analogue is the only real way.
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Able Baker
Christ everybody getting all worked up. It’s not like this is anything important like film production or something.
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Just because it’s not film production doesn’t mean medicine isn’t a real profession, I hate the way people bandy around the word ‘professional’ like its just a sales tool. I spent 6 years becoming a doctor. My parents wanted me to be an experimental musician, but my heart wasn’t in it. Medicine is professional too, it makes people better and (more)
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Get A Real Job
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2 thoughts on “Readers Comments MacWorld August 2036

  1. I could not agree more……Apple have lost the plot…the new Itunes now no longer tunes anything, “I” applied it to my new car and they have now removed the “espresso warmer” and “Brakes” tools?…What’s with that? Furthermore my trusted Ipad is far less absorbent than the previous revisions. Claims that you can be virtually “Sporty” are just plain false. I had a rather embarrassing moment whilst surfing last Sunday at the Genius Bar where it leaked. The new Logic defies Logic. I am changing to “Lady Ga Ga Pro 9” Its far more empowering and can assemble up to 5 songs a day. Its data set includes 3D video; virtual touring with a comprehensive library that includes “Retro Glitch”, “Indy Pain”, “Gay Friendly Club”, “University Sound art Max mode” and you can change all the persona’s on the fly. It is fully socially networkable; auto remixes in any style and has an “auto talent” plug in off the shelf. It comes with a stylish bodysuit controller in a range of colors standard. I think they need to change the water in the “Steve Jobs Cryogenic Brain” running Apple, its clearly too analogue and out of step with the needs of Gen Z.

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