Report: New Videos, Shows, Moved Shop, Re-scanning.

My Lords.

On this, the eve of my return to teaching duties, I shall recount my progress over the last few months. You will know that I have many performances looming, and progress has been made such that you shall perhaps not be displeased and eat me.

Four new videos have been made for the shows in May and they may be inspected by Your Lordships by clicking on the large image on the front of this website. You will perhaps notice that all four are high definition and advance upon on old and smelly videos {that will now only be posted on You Tube by the insistent live-in-the-past curs that snap my heels}. These videos can be used not only in May but later in REDACTED. This is economical.

You may also be pleased that I have completed a high definition version of Walrus Guitars which will première in New York on the 8th of March. Until that time it remains hidden. I have also started upon a remake of Starts With K and a new clip for Ghosts Of Lunches, a live version of Gashing The Old Mae West and a clip for Wonder Of All The World, the music for which has been recreated. All are destined for the performance at the Joan in October.

I must admit however, that the text for this performance remains piecemeal and needs to be brought together into a coherent form a.s.a.p. I have some difficulty collecting my thoughts about music.

You have asked why I have joined so many sharing services and threatened that I would be eaten if I did not find a good use for them and fast. Lords, I will use MediaFire to offer much larger image scans, BandCamp for sales and SoundCloud… OK that was a mistake but look, I’ll work on it.

My Lords, I have moved near all our recordings to BandCamp and have reaped some benefit in that we have met two sales thresholds, allowing us to give away promotional copies. It is very likely now that we will soon no longer sell physical objects (apart from the really cool ones) and this will allow me more time!

Time I will need, Your Highnesses, as my thesis has entered a Twilight Zone, where I know what I need to do next but have some struggle to do it. I need now to make an inventory of all Australian VJs and I am going to. I am.

I will not offend you with excuses, but you should know that my employers are very pleased with my work, so much that they would like me to do much more of it. They found me particularly endearing as a cuddly mascot of the Annual Show, and have put forward that I should run it. At the same time as my concert. And my thesis examination. Lords, I will try my best but I fear the path is fraught with peril.

I also admit I haven’t fixed the sink yet. I did get all the parts.

One thought on “Report: New Videos, Shows, Moved Shop, Re-scanning.

  1. Hi Tom,
    I have been floating in the musical wilderness for many years and was thrilled to learn you are still so active in your pursuits. As a facilitator of electronic music myself, I often list you as one of my main inspirations. Thank you for everything you have achieved and shared with us along the way, and thank you for being such a gentleman on the fortuitous occasions that I happened to meet you.

    Mr Peabody | aka Portico Mono

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