COFA Annual is up.

Sorry for r e a l l y slow responses – particularly people who ordered CDs and are still waiting for delivery.
I sometimes apologise that “the day job currently requires all my time”. This is an example of the day job in overload mode.

The COFA Annual exhibition is up, this year around 350 exhibits filling up Carriageworks for a week. We survived the two opening nights and for me it was a lot of stringing cables, swearing at computers, getting projectors to power up etc. The usual panic & digital slavery.

In the past I just put together the media for Showcase night, but this year stupidly suggested setting up four user controlled viewing kiosks running off Blu Ray. That means that the kids can dial up their own film when they come visit. With nearly sixty short films filling nearly four hours submitted we’ve really hit a high – but that means authoring four Blu Rays where every little setting has to be checked over sixty times or the discs play wrong. Each fix/rebuild takes about 2 hours, and as of about 4pm yesterday I was screaming death at the burner, running out of time to get the kiosks up for doors open…

They were up for doors open.

Of course there was yet one more tiny error on disc 4 which means I’m back authoring it again around 11pm. A mystery stop after two hours (finally found a stop command attached to a chapter, overriding the end action of the time line. Arse.)

Funny addendum to the post about ‘end of the world’ films: at one point all four screens had one playing. It really is striking how many variations on doom scape we had this year – rapture, virus, atomic war, time collapse and of course zombies. Another thing we’re noticing – music boxes.

Once these are under control it’s time to get the Showcase built and THERE CAN BE NO ERRORS. Been no errors since I started doing this, and it’s not going to start in 2010. The showcase is ticket only but the films are showing all week and entry is free. As soon as the artists start posting their films to YouTube I’ll link them.

Gravity from Brian Zou on Vimeo.

VFX Showreel 2010 from Daniel Ward on Vimeo.