Built the performance rig – Roland keys to laptop running Live 8.1. Sound from MBox2 to the new Yamaha stage mixer. Launchpad controller for switching inputs, live scenes and volume mixing (this is turning out good, easy to see the buttons). Sony PS3 for the video out, although the production want component video sends and the cable I bought doesn’t work. New cable or replace with backup BD player. Testing the rig on a daily basis, one major collapse so far due to a plug in. Stewart will be coming up from Tasmania soon with keys and Logic, be good to practice together at last.

Quite a lot of the performing is happening on macros built in Reaktor with occasional jamming on Live using the probability launching feature. Hardest bit is tapping the keys to get good sync. Have to get latency down.

All the videos are complete and on both BD and the hard drive of the PS3. Some strange problem with dull sound quality when compiling the video … I’ve remastered and replaced the video sound from a different editor but have to investigate once we’re out of the panic zone. (Could it be 44.1 to 48KHz or am I doing something wrong with the compression or what).


Deep into preparing the speech for Saturday … I’ve got way too many images now and have to try figure out how to build a coherent overview out of all the conflicting ideas: like what is the difference between Lady Gaga with a lightning bolt on her face and Kraftwerk using El Lissitzsky on their album cover? Why would you call a glitch label Mille Plateaux? Why did they wear purple wigs in UFO? How can I connect Daft Punk with Space Patrol?

Building the listening kiosk for the exhibition. Every damn track has to have a page with an embedded Java player on it otherwise the monkeys can break it.

PUBLICITY How many more images can I get of 1981? Christ how I was I supposed to know to have a frigging photographer covering everything that happened 30 years ago… got two publicists from the festival working on it … the Sydney Morning Herald are doing the Post Punk thing in the Spectrum mag this coming weekend. Daily Telegraph is doing the gig. FBi radio this Thursday are doing Sevs history live to air 9pm. I guess JJJ will take John Cale which makes sense. Hell, John Cale might have trouble when Al Green is in town.

I have to catch up with Roger Bolton soon, back from London from working with Inside Us All and has a VJ night in mind in March for Rainforest Rescue – be a good excuse for me to get wrapped in Quartz Composer and databases for the thesis. As soon as the festival is over the retro stuff stops cold dead – I have to get busy with what happens NEXT. I suspect it won’t be me saying no, it’ll be some other shiny history bauble that catches the sun…

Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me.



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