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A gasp has gone out around the Academic Fashion Scene with the announcement that BRUTALIST U are bringing FRANK GEHRY in to design their new Fun House. BRUTALIST are of course best known for owning the ugliest building contemplated by the mind of man – the Dark Tower otherwise known as The Vertical Slum, Elevator Action or Long John Silver. But as their VC explains: “It’s lonely. Being the ugliest is only a surface pride – the tower needs a friend and so we have brought in someone that can top the very worst in architecture.”


Gimmee a 'B' Gimmee a 'U'!

GEHRY is known for his design process in which drawings are made onto paper which is then torn up and thrown in the bin (and sometimes pissed on) to be retrieved by the builders fighting off packs of starving dogs. Some of his best work includes Leaks When It Rains at MIT, the Whachamacallit of Bilbao and I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Joke of LA. His design is sure to be at odds with the existing structure, space, time and student comfort!

We asked students at BRUTALIST how they felt about this exciting development and they didn’t care that much.


Reminds me of ... um ...

We were sure that other universities would be just green with jealousy and got straight on the phone. But YE OLDE TIME UNIVERSITY pointed out that in the current retro climate their Gargoyles were back in style big time and in fact were acting as additional unpaid teaching staff. A heavy breathing spokesperson for the DEATH STAR laughed for some time in a musically deep and ominous voice before pointing out their current plan to destroy KUNST KAMP and replace it with a deep pit was ‘the boldest architectural idea – the complete negation of a building – no walls, no halls – the blackest anti-building. And besides – it saves money’.

Whew! Exciting times in spending federal funds! Don’t forget – for the latest academic fashion and gossip this blog is hot hot hot 24 7 with the freshest!