Wednesday Night is Garbage Night.

I am an embarrassment to Web 2.0. Comments are disabled by the way, I am not soliciting any responses from anyone, did that for about 16 years and what the hell. Actually I expect that everyone has their own blog that they have no time to keep filled, more democratic. It’s better that I just give the facts and get the hell out of your face. You’re busy. I’m busy. Babies are delivered – busy. Sad sad bloody world where everybody is so frantically busy all the time.

The box of vinyl discs is going to be late. About April we think. When the recordings are so old does a month matter? Did you know that if you are a VOD member you get a Severed Heads pillowcase? Seriously I couldn’t have plotted such a wonderfully… God help me… what’s a word for it… somewhere between appropriate and inane. It’s just got the bone chicken emblem on it. I would use mine as a Santa sack.

I’d like to tell you about the ALBUM, the box with all the formats in it, but I’ve been too busy at KUNST KAMP. (I dare not speak the real name of my employment in case there is a PDF somewhere: Form721/B Blog, Mention of Employer Therein.) Just call it Kunst Kamp… tomorrow a large number of young persons get asked this question: look at this strapping young lass (photo of Leni Riefenstahl looking sexy) – how is it do you think that she ended up directing what came to be known as the most EVIL DOCUMENTARY OF ALL TIME? (photo of Hitler’s armpit). Later we compare Triumph of the Will to An Inconvenient Truth (believe me, have a look).

If you have never lectured, you might not realise how many bloody hours it takes to set up that two hours. I was editing lines of jackboots all day.

So little visible progress on the ALBUM, although the DVD is up and working. Long story that will appear elsewhere – by deciding to have the tempo at 70 beats per minute (because it sounded right) I entered a world of pain, when frames (at 25fps) don’t line up. So the jumps are a little… jazzy. But it works and it changed key every now and then which is cute.

Gotta go… back soon.