Those things that are not yet done.


Barbara Island Stage Four (2018).

An album of 'easy listening' based on short-wave radio signals. All the sounds are re-created in the studio. Part of the Barbara Island series stared in 2006. Barbara albums are released only every four years.


H3H. (2017?).

 A sequel to the 'musical toy' H.H, released in 2013. This is a virtual environment to explore and in which to perform.


Goast. (2017?)

A collaboration album which is slowly underway.

Publicist. (2017?).

An Ellard album, in the style of Rhine.

Aversion. (June 2017)

A Severed Heads album of cover versions and a possible tour.


HHVR (2016)

A repaired version of HH for more recent display systems.


Treasure Map 2. (October 2016).

A set of surround audio compositions placed in 360 degree visual environments. An exhibition on the theme of dis-location for Unsound 2016.

connected with

Poland, That's Not Too Far.

Severed Heads performance for Unsound Krakow.


Big Bird. (ongoing)