I am a musician.

I apply the ideals of music to all of my work: design, video, interaction and so on. Any formation that enters the mind and stirs the emotions is a music - light, words, images and the rest. This tends to abstraction, and I tend to synthesis, but there's no absolute.


I'm not really interested in difficult music, when so much can be said with a simple song. If my music is unusual or complex it's only because it seemed the best way to spend some time with the listener. I'm not trained and I break rules by not knowing. Experimental just means seeing what happens.


I have two roles:

As a member of Severed Heads, a thing that was supposed to die quickly and seems to have a vampiric longevity. It was born in 1979, we tried to kill it regularly after that, but it still lives.


And as Tom Ellard, who is not the same thing, because I can't hide behind the edifice of a band of people.


I have made jingles, soundtracks, muzak, hit singles, noise installations, videos, interactive worlds, and many many failures.