Those things that are done. (Only 21st century).

Although many things were done over the 20th century, for the time being this list sticks with the 21st.

See the photos at for older achievements.


Beautiful Arabic Surface. (May - June 2016). Bandcamp link.

A very limited set of acetate records and a Severed Heads radio live to air, based on acetates.


Opmitter / Shopmitter. (Abandoned January - Cannibalised June 2016).

The five video beacons are an aspect of the Rhine album that correspond with the H3H and Barbara Island works. That is, they don't logically connect, but there's a stylistic and (dare I say) mystical overlap. The Rhine album has a mystery attached, the clues to that mystery are given in these videos and in the Rhine lyrics and a treasure map. Whether the mystery is solved is less interesting than it encourages active viewing and listening.


A traditional album of pop music, but with a certain nastiness implicit. It is the first pop album I have made Severed Heads died. The title track is a puzzle announced by a small girl and her interrogator, it can be charted over a map, and a treasure found.


An album of 'easy listening' based on short-wave radio signals. All the sounds are re-created in the studio. Part of the Barbara Island series stared in 2006. Barbara albums are released only every four years.


A 3D animation which is part of a multiple artist collection to accompany Holst's The Planets. The soundtrack was first performed by a live orchestra and is touring 'urban screens' around the planet. I was really disappointed by the performance and most of the other work submitted for the collection, and I've posted this here because I think it deserves to be seen in isolation.


Home Clavilux. 2013.

A new model of the Wilfred Home Clavilux, combining the original mechanical mechanism with a touch screen interface that paints colours according to Theosophical colour harmony. A collaboration with Paul Greedy. A small experiment towards Opmitter. Appeared at ISEA 2013. Commissioned by Campbelltown Regional Gallery.


A piece of music scored by Ralph Balson's painting Transparent Planes. Then a video animation that documents the relationship between the painting and sound. Commissioned by the Penrith Regional Gallery.


Music hasn't been 'liquid architecture' for some time. Since the first computer games it's been a space in which the listener may negotiate at will. In current terms, music is built environment - the personal space rather than the walls. 'HH' is a first person 3D game of a music album spread over a public space - it was first hosted the ABC in March 2013 as part of the Adelaide Festival.


A performance and workshop organised each year by the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. In 2011 I presented to secondary students, and wrote a teaching guide called The Shape of a Note. The performance inspired a set of videos which are provided here.


A sub festival of the Sydney Festival 2010 examined the post punk period of Australian music. I assisted the curator by researching the materials. In the seminar I presented a small toast/roast of modernism.


Part of the Barbara Island series stared in 2006. Barbara albums are released only every four years, which ensures their rarity.


2000 – 2009


A homage to short-wave radio broadcasts recreated in Flash applets.


A meta-album of music reproduced as Sheet Music, virtual Edison Cylinder, 8 Track Cartridge, Vinyl LP, miniDisc, CD, DVD and Thumb Drive. An experiment to see what influence the media of reproduction has on music composition. It was awarded a university medal.


Lives of the Saints. 2007. Visit The Gallery.

A set of poems about murderous mystics presented in video signage.


The Turd Polish Suite. 2001 - 2007

A series of live audio visual performances in which I mangled regional television into pop music, demonstrating that I can polish a turd. Shows include This Is Not Art in Newcastle, Unsound in Wagga Wagga and Byte Me in Perth. A pisstake of advertising jingles, regional art, myself and anything that didn't get away fast enough,


Over Barbara Island. 2006.

A small music performance for the benefit of the National Art School.


The Animated Family Doctor. 2005. Bandcamp link.

The soundtrack for The Illustrated Family Doctor, as well as a CD/DVD set with the music and new videos and animations made to the music. This won an ARIA award. In collaboration with Kriv Stenders.


A Fun Night Out With Severed Heads. 2002.

A retrospective of videos, most made in collaboration with Stephen R Jones. I performed the videos live from Video CDs. Arranged by D-lux at the Dendy Cinema as part of the 2002 Sydney Film Festival.