KORG is a giant robot.


Korg is an even stranger name than Roland. It comes from Katoh and Osanai's Organ. Kind of like the Stalin Organ, but Japanese. Actually I think Donca was a better name they came up with for the range of Doncas they used to sell. Who doesn't want a donca?


Although I started on a Kawai and Roland mono synths, the Korg MS20 soon became my (slightly nasal) signature sound. That was easy - no one else wanted them. I had a stack of them dumped on me and bought more until I had an MS orchestra.


That distinctive sound eventually became tedious and I cast them off, moving over to Yamaha's FM synthesis. Nothing Korg made after that seemed very inspiring until eventually I stopped listening.


Long afterwards the MS20 mini was announced and I loved to tease the slavering hordes who thought it was a ticket to Authenticity Central. But I wondered what had happened since and was amazed to see a photo of the Radias - it looked like a Pokemon MS20 that had 'evolved'. Pity I had missed out on that I thought - not knowing anything about eBay.


Eventually I bought a Radias, and then an MS2000 and finally worked my way backwards to the MS20. It's been archaeology of ideas. A Foucault of filters.

It was either this or a red car and I think I chose wisely.